Calling all Hermes Gurus: what is this leather and color?

  1. I bought this at the SF H back in 2003; it was my induction into the world of Hermes!!! But I still don't know the leather or the color. All I know is it still smells really good. The leather has taken on a sort of patina...Sorry I'm such a horrible photog. I think the little strap over the top of the handbag shows the color the best. TIA!

  2. looks like ebene to me and maybe box?? cause it appears shiny and most toile bags are box combo
  3. I'm pretty sure it's not box...leather is matte (the shine is from my awful picture taking)
  4. is it a smooth leather? then maybe chamonix?
  5. looks like chamonix maybe.
  6. Could be chamonix or gulliver. Is it a very dark coffee brown? If so it's Ebene. In the pic, it looks like an olive color, though. :smile:
  7. Barenia?
  8. ^^Funny, I was just thinking that - I just rememebrd she said it was getting a patina. I think only Barenia and Chamonix do that and fit the description.
  9. I won't even attempt to guess at the color, the computer at work is horrible.
  10. mhmm but did or does barenia come in ebene7that is my guess on the colur) or any other dark brown or olive ? i dont think so :shrugs:
  11. Yeah , Barenia comes in natural, dark brown and black...:yes:
  12. Avan, I think, had mentioned seeing barenia in indigo as well. I hope she reads this and can clarify.
  13. yes but isn´t the dark brown on barenia still lighter then ebene? sorry i am not good with barenia it was never my leather of choice apart from barenia denim combo :flowers:
  14. It's an olive color
  15. I have to agree...sorry...either that or my screen is bad as well.