Calling all Hermes experts - I'm a newbie!

  1. I absolutely love handbags and am lucky to have amassed a few - but my Holy Grail is a Blue Jean Birkin. I've read quite a few threads and I hope this is OK to ask, because I am still need to get familiar with Hermes-speak:yes: but was wonderful how much I should expect to pay for a Birkin? I am going to Las Vegas in the next few months and was going to sign up on the list so I can at least start the process, but wanted to get any advice for a first-timer.

    Thank you so much - I love PF!:flowers:
  2. Welcome cascherping to our Hermes subforum!

    I think what you should try to do is read as much as possible on all of our threads both recent and past. We have many that have so much information and you will pick up a great deal of knowledge that way. We have discussed topics from how to speak with SA's, pronounciation, bag types, sizes, colors, waiting lists, and so much more.

    If after reading some threads you have questions, just post away and we will try and help.

    Good Luck!
  3. Welcome and hope you stay and play! You picked a winner for your dream Birkin. I think a 35cm in Togo is around $7500 right now. Read, read, read the older threads and we can help with any questions!!