Calling all Hermes Enthusiasts......

  1. I don't know retail on several beautiful bags on eBay, but there are a few that are BIN for around $60,000. How far off is that from actual retail?

    Also, if one is going to spend that on a beauty, why not do it in the boutique and really soak in the whole experience. Am I missing something here?:confused1: The bag is a Black Croc with DIAMONDS...:drool: Please post your experience and input! All is greatly appreciated! :heart:
  2. No one?:sad:
  3. Black Croc Birkin 30cm with diamond hardware....USD $124,000 retail at H boutique.
  4. Well, I'm not in the market for croc with diamonds, but I agree with you, it's so nice to have the whole boutique experience, whether you're buying croc & bling or a twilly...
  5. Thanks guys! I didn't know.....
  6. a 35cm porosus crocodile birkin brand new at the store without diamonds (you'll never see it on the shelf) is about $30,000. The resellers are almost doubling the price with their markup.
  7. oui! resellers mark up a lot. sometimes it is worth it (when a combo is soo hard to get or out of production etc..) but most times one is better off sticking to the boutique. ah and the diamond birkins on eBay are aftermaked therefore cheaper than the original ones (see other thread most beautiful bag ever)
  8. ^ I agree. If I was after a bag that was no longer avaialble, PO or SO, I would go the reseller route (and have). But croc & diamonds I would really try to get from my store.

    Lucky for me, my store has plenty!! LOL!!
  9. lol

    just keep me wondering do you think due to the lack of box the resellers will shoot up their prices for these things even more? i am quite sure of that. *must buy now lol*
  10. ^^Well, do you remember that barenia Birkin on eBay about a year ago? It was BNIB and sold for $15,000.
  11. :wtf: ouch! but well i guess a barenia b is worth it as it is really impossible to get one nowadays. but still ouch
  12. ^^I suspect box may go the same way if this box drought continues.
  13. tell me bout it. i so want my "little groupie" bag but nothin nada zilch no way possible to order. :crybaby:
  14. I remember a 35cm barenia Birkin on Jemznjewels in 2004 that went for $9000. I still can't believe I didn't buy it! I actually remember the conversations MrsMorris and I would have about it....
  15. For that sort of item and that sort of cash I would be looking for the 'more sucking up' type of experience from 'Pretty Woman'.