Calling all handbag experts. Help finding bag

  1. Hello,
    I'm trying to locate a bag for my girlfriend. This picture have been on my fridge for god knows how long. She says it's one of her favorites so I am trying to locate it. It is bag #1. Any information on were to locate this bag or a bag similiar would be greatly appreciated.[​IMG]
  2. Sorry, Im no help on this particular bag, but I'll give you a bump.
  3. it says right there on the photo that it's GUESS bag for $168. I'd visit a few dept stores ;)
  4. thats a guess bag. i cant find it on, but you can call their costumer care line, or go into a store.
  5. Good job swanky! :biggrin:
  6. 1-877-44-GUESS

    good luck
  7. Thanks for the feedback. The pictures maybe over a year old. I looked online/ prior to posting with no avail. I most likely will go to a guess store with the picture. I undersatnd I may not be able to find it but I am open to any suggestions for alternative bags that look similair.
  8. ^ similar bags could be found by Isabella Fiore, she makes that style sometimes.
  9. I just now checked eBay and there are some similar styles if you search under Guess or tooled leather handbag and then refine the search to black.
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