Calling all H EXOTIC bag owners...

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  1. When I hear the words "exotic handbags," I immediately picture ladies wearing formal outfits with it. We've seen a few modelling pics at the action thread, but I know all of us would like to see more! :graucho:

    Exotic H owners - How do you wear your bags? I'm dying to see those ostrich, croc, lizard (and other exotic) bags in action! Modelling pics would be greatly appreciated! ;)
  2. Excellent thread! I would like to especially see croc worn casually.
  3. Bumping this thread. :rolleyes:

    Ladies, don't be shy and show us your beautiful exotic H bags! ;)
  4. the_lvlady, I have only worn my vintage croc kelly more formally. When I receive my strap I will probably try and wear it more casually. I bought one from portero months ago but one of the clasps (old style) would not open far enough to fit on the Kelly. I returned it to portero who in turn returned it to Hermes and both the clasps are being replaced. This will be finished by the end of August..(so far it has taken about 3 months). Maybe they had to send it to Paris or something, I am not sure.
    Sorry to rave on, there is a pic somewhere on here of Renee Zellwegger wearing her croc messenger style, she looks great. Another person may be able to find the picture of her.
  5. ^On no Suzie. I recall that was a strap specifically for the kelly right? And the clasps did not work? Will you get it back when the hardware is changed, or did you just return it?
  6. If you do not mind seeing pics of a middle-aged woman lugging her bags around, here are a couple ;)

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  7. You look great, Ranag!!
  8. Ranag, you look so elegant with your gorgeous Birkin! WOW! Stunning!
  9. You look so elegant in your pics Rana! Thanks for sharing! :flowers:

    Looking forward to more pics!
  10. Also looking forward!

    Where are you ladies?
  11. Love the pics Ranag!!! :tup:
  12. What are you talking about you are gorgeous and refined. The bags are great.:yes:
  13. already posted this in another thread, but seems to fit the bill so thought i'd repost :P

    for some bizarre reason, i've always thought of the birkin as a "casual" bag and the kelly as a more dress / professional bag . . . . beats me! :shrugs:

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  14. photoshoot gorgeous!

    i saw this pic before, but you've enlarged it here, and wow!
  15. lvpiggy, you look H-O-T in that pic! :okay:

    would you mind sharing the specs of your birkin? TIA :heart: