calling all guys: show your men's LE bags!

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  1. hey, guys! lately, i am seeing a lot of men's limited edition bags...and it got me interested to know more of if you have them, kindly post your pics and their names and from which collection and year it was from. thanks all!
  2. 2006 F/W Innsbruck Cabas leaning against the dresser
    and 2006 S/S Blue Tobago Keepall

  3. thanks for the first post matt! nice bags!!!

    whats that mono by the way hanging by the dresser?
  4. It's a Saq Squash. It's permanent, but it first showed in Men's S/S 2001 (I'm not sure about that, but I believe it was this fashion show).
  5. hmmm. thanks! havent seen that before...i cant find it as well on the LV website...

    its from 2004 s/s and its going to be discontinued :smile:
  7. its on eluxury, $1,810.00
  8. Matt, That Innsbruck is hot!
  9. ya, i found it! i want to have one! haha...:yes:
  10. Tanger Sac Plats S/S 2005:

    Utah Doctor's Bag F/W 2005:

    Monogram Laser Collection F/W 2002:
    l-r: Vence sneakers, Clarkson, Irvington, Bloomington

    Defile Liege Collection F/W 2001:
    Hussard & Fantassin
  11. Larry F/W 2004:

    Soana Sacoche MM S/S 2007:

    Vail Blanket Cabas F/W 2006:
  12. Ouvea Carryall S/S 2006:

    Tobago Shoe Bag S/S 2006:
  13. hey, mr. duck. thanks for adding! i knew you had a lot of them. the laser collection is really nice. i also like the hussard and fantassin! you know, i found one selling his fantassin at singapore at SGD1000. he even had a link to your photo collection on your blog. :yes:
  14. by the way, i noticed that you have at least one piece of the collection from every recent year except for 2003. would you know which limited edition pieces were on this year?

    anyone? if you have photos, kindly post! thanks!
  15. oops, i almost forgot. :party:i have finally received my mini lin tanger ebene!!! :yahoo:it was the first time for me to see the real thing and it was all worth it. it was what i expected from the numerous photos i have seen from here! i even used it right away and it can actually pack quite some things to think it is quite flat as it is. i really like the vintage look of the "V" especially!

    can't wait for my next LE bag!!! hahaha...:happydance: