Calling all Gustto Setela Owners

  1. I decided I needed a Setela. I love My Baca and Torlia so much this was the next logical bag to get. I ordered a Medium Tobacco one.

    Who all has one? Can you tell me pros and cons of the the bag. Durability, user friendly. Hows the drop length on the straps when it's slouched. And if I don't fill it full does it all fold up on itself and look silly? Are the outter pockets useable? I already know I love the leather and "endure" the lining. So for any of you who have one, do you still love it?
  2. I too am thinking of purchasing a medium Setela. I would love to know the same info. How does it hold up? Is it heavy? I would also love to see pics of it being worn! TIA!! :smile:
  3. I have this bag in large; I love it. It slouches so beautifully even half full. NO it doesn't fall in on itself when you are carrying it; but if you set it down, it does. I highly recommend it; hope you will love yours.
  4. I love it. I just started wearing my BACA Caramel one. I love it. The one thing I don't like is that the leather is so sensitive and I have kids....but I am trying hard to be careful!!!!! ENJOY it.
  5. I love the look of Gustto Stela, too! I am thinking the large one. Can anyone who owns large Stela share more info?

    I am concerning about the size and material. Do you think it would be too ridiculously large for me? I am small, I know (5'1~100lb), but I am a grad student who carries tons of books everyday. And I am using Herve Chapelier 925 bag anyway (I think HC bag's size is similar to large Stela). I don't get the chance to find it in store and try it on. So, I might consider getting a medium size Stela it it's really way too huge.
  6. Lexie, you know, I was giving some thought to what you said about the size of the large and I thoughted thinking about the medium, until....I had bought a Jr. Drake bag last week that I have to return (the bag is damaged), and the size of the medium setela is about an inch longer & 2 innches higher than that bag, which given the slouchiness of the setela, makes me think the medium is going to be too small.

    Im actually waiting to hear from a few others about the medium compared to the large, cuz I hope to rder mine by the end of the week, and as of now, I'm leaning toward the large (unless someone says that the medium isn't really that much smaller)
  7. I would rather risk it being on the small side than the opposite. I was looking at eBay and saw a pic of a Large one on a girl's shoulder and it looked humungous so that lead me to the medium. I don't carry lots of books etc. Just maybe a paperback.
  8. This is the large...and it's LARGE.

  9. Lexie, Thank you so much for showing the pic. Now I know--it's way too huge.
  10. does the medium fit comfortably over the shoulder?
    I don't know if I remembered correctly but I believe that only the large one you can put over shoulder...

    I love the setela! Medium size is perfect - I think I didn't get it because it dosen't fit over my shoulder - I think... which is why I would like to ask you ladies to verify!

  11. that's exactly what I was thinking. Even though I do like to carry bags on my arm, I need to have the option of carrying it on my shoulder occasionally. Plus, I've heard many owners say that because of the bag's slouchiness, it doesn't come off as large as it looks when it's stuffed. I wonder if that bag (on the model's shoulder) is stuffed to capacity??

    Unfortunately, my Nordstroms didn't have the setela in stock the last few times I was there, so I haven't seen it in person yet. I'd luv to see the large & medium compared side by side.
  12. I actually rather like the LARGE LARGE size. Heh.

    But I was at my local Nordstrom's (they had the gusttos sitting next to a Chloe Paddy, how does that work?) and the SA there looked me up and down in almost disgust and asked me if I KNEW what I was looking at.

    Relatively insulted, I put the bag down right away and ran off.

    However, I'm thinking about using the large as a (don't kill me!) bookbag for school. I won't have a lot of heavy books, just some smaller textbooks.

    Do you think that the leather will hold up? Do you think the large size is a good fit?


    Btw, that picture that you linked of the girl's large, is the one that I have been watching on eBay.
  13. I have the medium and it's a cute bag but I was tired of the style, so it's on Ebay now. It does have a lot of room however.
  14. I have the large and I love it! It holds everything, sturdy, lovely leather and great quality. You can get it for 36% off at until Friday, think the code is posted on the site; and you can get the bag on for 25% off with code LUCKYMAG.
    Good luck!
  15. What colour were you thinking of getting Lex?
    I saw this one irl and wasn't that impressed I have to say, but I saw it in the tan, which isn't really my colour.
    The wine is gorgeous though, I have to say. I think it might be a winner. It's quite a light bag as I recall. Nice soft leather but it does have a weird shape. I wonder if you'd grow tired of it.

    Kinda on the fence on this one...