Calling all Gustto experts

  1. What is the difference in leather between the regular Gustto bags and the metallic Gustto bags? I think they are both made of lambskin but are the regular Gustto bags thicker and heavier?

    Here's a pic of a regular leather Gustto Setela:

    Here is a picture of the metallic Gustto bags in Old Snake Silver:

  2. I saw and touched the metallic Gusttos at a Nordstroms, they were all gold or silver.

    First off, they were nearly BLINDING, they were so shiny. But very light weight. I didn't check to see if they are really snake or leather but they were very thin leather (or snake), not like my Bacas which are smooshy and thicker. They had a Setala, some Bacas and a Cala that was up on a high shelf so I left it there. They weren't for me and I love my Bacas (sorry). Maybe the store lights made them more shiny than they really are, like the lights they use at jewelry counters.
  3. I love the regular, soft, squishy leather. I've never seen the metallic IRL but they look tack in the pictures. JMO.