Calling all GUCCI duffle owners....

  1. I am debating purchasing a LV Keepall, but debating if I should purchase a GUCCI duffle instead...I was wondering if I could get some feedback on your thoughts about owning a duffle for travel purposes...I'd love to hear your thoughts, thanks!!!

    Below are a couple of the ones I am looking at buying:



    I just love this one with BLUE and BROWN handles!! far as price they are less than what I would pay for a LV, but would I be sacrficing quality, I don't think so, but thought I'd ask....I do own 2 Gucci's in the same Gucci fabric used above....thanks!!!
  2. as a fan of both LV and Gucci, I think it would be better if you get the LV keepall, considering that it is made out of cowhide and lasts wayyy longer than the fabric Gucci duffle bag..I have both the keepall and the Gucci duffle and I can say that the Gucci duffle bag wears out's meant to be a travel bag so it would be better if u purchase a bag that doesn't get stains on easily and can carry a heavy load without u worrying that u'll mis-shape it somehow (if u were to use it as ur luggage on flights)

    hope this helped! ^^

  3. Thanks so much for responding, last night I visited both boutiques and I think I am going to lean back towards the Keepall - although the GUCCI duffles are cute too - oh decisions!!!! Thanks for your response!!!! Much appreicated!!!
  4. Exactly what I was going to say!!! :yes:
  5. Thanks, I have decided to go with the Keepall 50 -but not going to buy it until my house sells, I have the money for it, but want to sell my house 1st!!! my slush fund will continue to grow until my house sells and who know's how much i will have saved - HEE! HEE!

    Thanks everyone!!
  6. glad i could help! ;)