Calling all Gucci collectors!!!

  1. I posted a pic of this ages ago. This was my grandmothers TV guide case from a million years ago. Isnt it COOL!! What can I do with it now?? I do not want to leave it in a drawer forever, and would like to use it for something. Any ideas?
    pics 513.jpg pics 514.jpg
  2. anyone??
  3. omg that is AMAZING!! i would find a VINTIGE tv guide with a show featured that you LOVE and put it in there and display it in your tv room :smile: thatd be cute :smile:
  4. orrrrrrrrrrr you can fine a pic of your grandma watching tv and a tv guide cover with her fav cover and kind of collage frame those three together :smile:
  5. YEAH!!! Great ideas.....she was such a fashionista...she has alzheimers now and it just kills me.ALL the "things" she used to love just do not matter any more. Its so sad. So having a pic of her somewhere with this would be so special!
  6. ohhh im so sorry! you should play fashion shoot with her and snap a couple shots!!

    seriously i wish i would have done more of that!! you can probably even use it as a photo book! :smile: or scrap book :smile:

    good luck and let me know what u decide to do! and that is excatly why i like gucci...they take the most unglam things and let us add spice to it!! :smile:
  7. I don´t know the size, but maybe you can put a calender in it,
  8. yea, what's the measurement? i agree with some type of photo book. that'd be cool! maybe a photo album of your purse collection! mwahaha! lol :biggrin:
  9. Maybe put note cards in it and carry it like a notebook?
  10. I think I will make it a family picture album...of my DOGS! will look great on my coffee table and my Nana would love that!
  11. WOW...that is really cool!
  12. Yeah it would be a good show piece to have. Leave it on the coffee table or a main bench so when you have visitors they'll pick it up and have a flip through! Reminds me of the little folders Gucci has of all their bags in store.
  13. Sunshine, I am so sorry to hear about your grandmother but I agree with the posters who suggested putting the item on display. Why not honor this fashionable women by allowing others to view such a quirky and fun item from her collection!
  14. The photo album idea is perfect sunshine!
  15. Maybe you can put a small notebook or something in the sleeves and use it as a journal or agenda cover.