Calling all Gucci Brit tote owners.....

  1. I have a black leather gucci brit tote, the one with the detachable strap. I purchased it in December and some weeks ago I noticed that the black leather is starting to look purple, like almost an ink color, just in parts here and there on the bag. I took it into NM to ask them what is going on and can it be fixed, and the SA couldn't even believe that my bag was black to begin with!! They are sending it in for a repair, or to see if they can repair the bag. Has anyone noticed this on the brit leather bags???
  2. No one has had a problem with the gucci leather? I am wondering if my bag is defective or something. I am still waiting to hear what could be wrong with it from NM.....
  3. I have the black britt tote and it has been fine. the leather is great , Yes yours sounds like i ef has a problem. how long have you had it? Maybe they could give you a new one. I will tell you this Gucci in Italy is closed for the month of august and hope you wont need a part from there cause it takes like a good 2-3 months. I would ask NM to echange the bag.
  4. Oh geez! Well, I bought the bag this last december and have not used it that much, since I rotate all my bags. The leather looks faded out and strange! NM sent it to their repair person and she sent it out to a fabricator to see if they could redye it or something and I am waiting to hear back from NM. I don't want to have to redye my bag every six months!!
  5. Here is an update on my bag. My bag was redyed and sealed. The repair person said that the bag had not been sealed and that was why it was fading very badly. I don't know. This all sounds so weird to me and now I don't feel comfortable with the quality of these Gucci bags. My bag will be ready next week.
  6. good to hear your bag was taken care of! I've been eyeing that exact same gucci britt for over a year now! one of my dream bags!
  7. Oh that's strange I can't believe it got through without being sealed. I missed this thread before but thanks for posting, its good to know that they can make these mistakes. Good thing they could fix it!
  8. Wow, good for you...I am going to try to find out if the Gucci store will do the same for me.
  9. Wow...I was just in Nordstrom's this week and asked about this bag in black leather (they had the style, or similar in other colors, i.e. white leather and the patent). The sales girl told me that her buyer was not going to buy them anymore because they had returns because the leather was turning red :shocked:. Honestly, I thought she was making it up because they didnt have what I wanted and she was really pushing me to buy something. But the bag is still on the Gucci website for purchase in black leather, so they must have solved the issue. Glad it worked out on your bag.
  10. Hello, I have the off-white (cream) Britt and noticed that it is turning color, I thought it was odd, so I tried leather cleaner and nothing. I searched online and that is how this post came up. Should I take it back to the store? Thanks for lettings us know. Pat
  11. How is it turning colors - getting darker or lighter? I had a ivory britt that I had to return because it had a spot on it (looked like marker on a wet spot). It was brand new right out of the box. I would probably take it back to the store and see what they say.
  12. This has been discussed in a previous thread.... black leather fading.
    If I were you I would be p***ed about this!! I think once the bag is sealed it should be fine. Still - I sympathise.
    Terrible on Gucci's part...
    I'll see if I can find the previous thread for you guys......

  13. Pat there are always going to be problems with the white / ivory range. They are very hard to maintain, particuarly if used everyday. You can only try - but with white - who knows what they will say. Loads of people on tpf have had similar probs with this.
    Welcome to the forum by the way...!!:tup:
  14. This just happened to me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And boy am I upset. I heard about this, but thought it was resolved. I just bought my britt black at Gucci in London in mid November. I ASKED them about the issue and they said nooooo, this doesnt happen. Sure enough, its started on my bag and its bad, bad, bad. I am headed to the Gucci store tomorrow to see what they can do. And Im hoping for a good solution. I just cant believe this many bags werent sealed
  15. I just bought a cream gucci britt tote on sale at NM and am on the fence about keeping it. Is the fading common? I am choosing between keeping the britt or getting the new sabrina hobo in powder. any thoughts?