calling all groom agenda owners...

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  1. anyone experienced any problems with the silkscreened design? i am going to buy an agenda and originally wanted either damier koala or damier azur, but then i saw that there are going to be totally new designs coming out in the fall...a damier trunks and bags with the red logo and a monogram trunks and bags with the cream colored logo. i saw mini lin was coming out with some too but i think i decided against that. i just want to make sure the silk screening isn't real prone to wearing off... :confused1:
  2. I have not had any problems with mine. It still looks brand new and I have had it about 7 months. I love it.
  3. ^^^ i just don't know :sad: i want the agenda for school which would mean i would have to buy it right around now and i don't think the damier trunks and bags is coming out till like november/december :sad: i mean i know i would still use it for work when i actually get a real job but i reallllllly want one for school. what to do?
  4. You and I are in the SAME boat. I want an AGENDA sooo bad, but won't use it until school starts... but then I get lazy and just write it down on my hand lol... I REALLY want the denim one or an azur one since I have nothing in either collection :smile:
  5. ^^^ i know :sad: they prob think it's smart to release them right around the new year but in fact it's not :sad: lol i need it for august/septemberrrrrr...!!!!
  6. my bf has the groom one he doesn't baby it & it still looks perfect
  7. i was thinking if it did wear off easily i'd opt for a regular agenda and problem solved. lol this just makes things more difficult. which would you chose, damier azur, damier koala, or damier trunks and bags (or possibly monogram trunks and bags?)
  8. I love my agenda.
  9. my groom pouchette wallet is still perfect and piece of LV that I have ever fav LV piece by far....
  10. ^^^ Don't mean to threadjack, but I am considering the groom pochette wallet now too. I love the practical style but since I already have the groom agenda (in yellow) I wondered if it would be too much groom (if there is such a thing). But then again why not get a LE piece if it is the same price. Decisions, decisions....
  11. My silkscreen has not rubbed off and I had it since August of last year, so it's been a year WOW, and I use it daily as a wallet with the filofax inserts. I can't leave the house without my groom. Get it, you won't regret it.
  12. ^^^ i'm going to get an agenda, but if i do it will be damier, azur, or one of the trunks and bags and they're not coming out till later. i need it for school so if there was a problem with the silkscreening i'd nix those agendas coming out and get a plainer one. but i just don't know :sad:
  13. I also have the groom agenda and the groom key holder - I use it every day and it is still in perfect condition
  14. I use mine for about 8 months and the print looks brand new...