Calling all Grenat (Bourdeaux) Owners...

  1. Hi all,

    I'm new to this forum and of course it didn't take very long to start obsessing over these beautiful BBags. Thank you ladies, as I hold all of you and your beautiful collections responsible for the countless hours of sleep lost these past weeks. ;)

    I am in the midst of updating my handbag collection and am basically starting from scratch. I would like to keep my collection diverse, but would like to make one of them a BBag. I think black would be a bit too edgy, and I have my sites on a different bag for brown, which leaves me with red. The rouge vif is STUNNING, but a bit too red red for me. I recently found a picture of a Bourdeaux on here (can't remember which PFer's bag it was) and it was so beautiful. Most of my outfits are pretty neutral in color. I like to keep things neutral and add a punch of color here and there with accessorize. But I think with this season's neutrals, a bourdeaux would be perfect.

    Here is my hang-up. I live in Seattle and the only place (to my knowledge) that carries BBags is Barney's. Nordstrom is willing to ship in what I would like from their CA stores if it's in stock, but I may end up having to purchase site unseen through AR. Soooo, being 5'3" and small boned, I am not too sure which bag to get. At first I was settled on the first, but LOVED the work in bourdeaux (though I think it might be too big for my tastes) and the twiggy is adorable. For those of you who own this color, what bag do you have and would you be willing to share a picture?

    Thanks so much ladies!

  2. I own a bordeaux twiggy and it is hands down my favorite bag. I find myself grabbing it the most; even more than my newest bag, a '05 Rouge City. If you can find a '05 bordeaux, I say go for it!
  3. I'm 5.3 and here's my grenat city which is smaller than the work but still can fit folders so that she's a good work/day bag.
    Gaucho 094.jpg
  4. *drool* Those bags are beautiful! Thanks ladies!

  5. Here is my (thanks to I:love: ) precisoussss grenat work:flowers:
    Work Grenat  F06.jpg
  6. Here are some pictures of Grenat First taken in shade, full sun, inside with flash and inside without flash. I just got this bag but I am exchanging it. It is gorgeous but just too small for all of the things I like to lug around in my bags.
    pic007v2.jpg pic008v2.jpg pic000v2.jpg pic002v2.jpg pic004v2.jpg
  7. I love Bordeaux--Grenat is a tiny bit browner, I think, but only when they're next to one another.
  8. susan-eric,

    I'm confused. I thought they were the same color? They are listed on AR as the same. I'm glad I brought this up because I would have kicked myself if I ordered the wrong color. :shrugs:

  9. ^RobertsButton, bordeaux was from 2005, and grenat (also called oxblood) is from this year. The colors are very similar, though. :yes:
  10. RobertsButton, i think the SAs from AR and Nordstrom are calling this year's grenat "bordeaux", since that is what the color looks like. but officially, the bordeaux was a f/w 2005 color (it's just a bit of a bluer red than the grenat).
  11. Here is my baby!!! First in Grenat. I highly recommend it!!:yes: :yes:
    IMG_0301.jpg IMG_0318.jpg IMG_0305.jpg
  12. I have the 05 bordeaux and the 06 grenat. The 05 bordeaux is duller, with blue undertones, like old blood, while the 06 grenat is redder and warmer, more like fresh blood :weird:

    I like the 06 grenat so much more than the 05 bordeaux, but that's because my wardrobe palette is warm.
  13. Here's my Grenat purse.
    Grenat front.JPG
  14. :lol:I like how you phrase it :lol:
  15. The Grenat is so beautiful. Keep your eyes open for me and if you see a Grenat Twiggy or City, please let me know.

    I looked when I was in Charleston but they only had Black, Brown and Graphite. Thanks.