Calling all Graffiti Experts!!

Princess Pink

Oct 3, 2007
Sorry if this is a repeat q but I've tried to search for this but the forum is just to huge :smile:

I'm interested to know about the different colors that came out in the Graffiti line - are some more sought after than others? For example, is khaki on mono more "popular" than say silver or peach? I'm interested to know everyone's opinions cause I'm going to start my "vintage" LV collection, so would like to increase my knowledge and Graffiti is one of the first styles I'd like to add! :P Thanks!
May 27, 2006
Not an expert by any means, but I'm kind of/sort of in the market for a Grafitti Speedy. If you'd told me in 2001 that 7 years later I would be contemplating spending over $1000 on one of those bags, I'd STILL be laughing!:roflmfao:

What I've noticed in my hunts (ebay, fashionphile, let trade) is that the only ones I ever see are the khaki, which leads me to believe that the silver & peach were way more popular. I can't even remember the last time I saw a non-khaki Speedy anywhere! So if you come across the silver or peach, I'd snatch it up. Those are the only colors I remember, but again, I wasn't totally into that line at the time. Those were my 'Mono-Only' days!:P


Mar 2, 2006
Omg Michelle, you're here! LeeLee (manolomaven) was asking about you a couple of days ago, you may want to PM her!

Anyway, to the OP, I personally love the silver/white and the Peach, so I'm with that same majority lol. I only have the Peach Pochette but I love it. It's probably because those colors show up more so than the khaki.


Jul 25, 2006
MICHELLE! Oh my dear! I haven't seen u around here in ages! (Am I looking in the wrong threads? haha) It's wonderful to see some old faces! Anyways on topic, I am in the market for a keepall and a seller on ebay has a khaki keepall 45 for 3k which is ridiculous so I guess I shall have to keep hunting. If only I was into LV back then haha. Didn't this line come out in 2001? I would LOVE a blue keepall, but as far as I know they never went on sale to the public right?


Addicted 29 Year Old
Hey ladies! How about the Graffiti Almas in black/white & khaki/white? I think those are super class .... and I have such a soft spot for my black/white Graffiti Alma MM ;)

I prefer the silver on the darker dreen Graffiti, though, in regards to the original question. This was such an awesome collection .... I can post a pic. in here, if you're interested in taking a look at mine!