Calling all Graffiti Experts......

  1. I know that the Graffiti line included the sm. alma, lg. alma, speedy, and pochette right? Were there any accessories ever made in that line. Like a wallet or cles or anything like that??

    Thanks ladies!!:biggrin:
  2. No cles. There was a wallet, not sure the exact name but long like a PTI. There also was a hatbox, keepall, bandana... That's all I can remember off the top of my head.
  3. the pti in graffiti is gorgeous ^_^
  4. Are you looking into some graffiti items?:graucho:

  5. See my new post!!:graucho: :graucho:
  6. Graffiti came in: pochettes (silver, khaki, peche)
  7. someone is selling a grafitti keepal over at a NZ auction site. starting price is NZ$2000 (reserve not met) with buy now NZ$4000

    i don't know much (ok more like i know nothing) about the grafitti line except that it is/was lim ed. so i have no idea what the pricing range is like.
  8. Took some quick pics. My cheat book =) Sorry the lighting isn't great
    DSC01084.JPG DSC01085.JPG DSC01086.JPG DSC01087.JPG
  9. I love this picutre:

  10. ^^^Hey, Michelle! Who let you into my closet?!:lol:
  11. I saw on some of the old runway pics of people with like bright pink/orange graffiti items, I am guessing it was just the peach but it was really bright!!
  12. I LOVE Graffiti line, esp. in the show:
    100018398.jpg 100018414.jpg 100018420.jpg 100018428.jpg 100018442.jpg 100018462.jpg
  13. So they DID make a PTI and a change purse!!!!! Ladies, I am on a new quest!! I have GOT to find that change purse. Of course it would probably cost me like what? 300 bucks now??? :smile: But-still- got to find one!!!!
  14. I don't know about the change purse, but PTI (or whatever you call that wallet) for sure!
  15. Yea, I just looked at the pictures again. I think this is the pochette wallet and the other pic of it opened is that wallet opened. I got confused with that. Okay, well, there was a wallet at least we know that!!!!