Calling all Goyard fans....

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  1. Older models? My St. Louis was purchased at Barney's at Copley in Boston in December and is definitely not an older model. Chanel and LV have photos of their numbers all of the time - what's so mysterious about Goyard?

    You seem to have a lot of St. Louis - why not take a photo of at least one with the numbers? I'm sure that those of us who are clueless would really appreciate it.
  2. do you have the regular card case or the folding one? i'm trying to find pictures of the folding card case since a Barneys rep said there's two?
  3. Hi everyone,

    Currently I do not own any goyard bag and I'm debating between the belvedere or a chanel mini flap. I know both are of different style but I have a hard time deciding. I always find myself worrying about my chanel flaps when I bring them out and I really want a bag that is worry free and that I can enjoy it while I'm out. Chanel caviar is durable but I know goyard is even durable due to the fact that its is kinda water proof on the surface. Any opinions?
  4. The regular one with just the slots.
  5. I wonder why they discontinued MM, that seemed like the best size. Now I can't decide because PM is too small and GM is too big
  6. Totally agree with you..... at first, I was thinking to get a LV neverfull but seems that when I look around everyone is carrying it. And couldn't determine which one is real and fake..... so I decided to get a St. Louis Goyard GM in red and I'm loving it
  7. Goyard is still quite exclusive, comes in a great variety of colours & offers terrific personalisation services.

    These 3 hallmarks really make Goyard an attractive label & a great alternative to LV.

    Since 2011, Moynat has reappeared in Paris on Faubourg Saint-Honore as both a competitor for Goyard & Hermes.
  8. Hello, husband here looking to get my wife her first Goyard. We live in Orlando so this will have to be done through pics and over the phone. Does anyone have an SA they recommend? Should I buy with Goyard directly or through Barney's or bergdorfs? I don't know any of the styles, so I will need a patient, helpful SA. Also, can a bag be personalized through one of the department stores or do I need to buy with Goyard directly? Thanks in advance!
  9. I just ordered my first Goyard bag. I live in TN & ordered through Barney's NYC. I worked with Sheryl. I saw her name recommended on here. Her email address is I corresponded with her by e mail in the beginning & then spoke to her on the phone to finalize my order. She responded quickly to my e mails & was very helpful. I already had an idea of what I wanted but I'm sure she will send you whatever information you need. Oh, she also isn't charging me for shipping Fed Ex ground :smile:
  10. I forgot to say that they are doing personalization on my bag. It takes 4 weeks.
  11. Thanks so much! Exactly what I was looking for!
  12. I have one in blue, very similar to a LV Neverfull, it's a comfy bag specially if you travel a lot. It's very easy to clean and maintain. Also the print it's very nice and not as common as a LV bag.
  13. can anyone recommend me a go yard duffle/weekender, similar to the Louis Vuitton 50/55 duffles? also anyone know the price of their bags, and also the durability? i do want one that will last years, so that i can start a collection! thank you
  14. Goyard does last a very long time and offer great quality, provided you buy the luggage pieces. If you're looking for a duffle bag I think you'll want the Croisiere, which comes in sizes 35, 40, 50 and 60 (I think).
    Compared to LV Goyard is definitely more pricey, the 50 size is around 1900 euros, almost double that of LV. What you will get that don't with LV is exclusivity, and brand that isn't too popular :smile:

    I would go for Goyard, but then again I'm partial to the brand x
  15. Do you think Goyard duffle is better quality than LV's?
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