Calling all girls who own the Metallic Black Luxe Bowler

  1. does the metallic sheen fade through time? i just got mine yesterday, in used but mint condition. the woman who i got it from used it a total of three times so the metallic is still very shiny like diamonds. but my friend just bought hers over to my apt so we could compare them, and hers (she had it for 8 months) is a bit faded looking. it still looks pretty but not as shiny like diamonds. is this normal after months of use?
  2. I have the flap in metallic black, mine's over a year old now and I don't have any wear on my finish at all.
  3. Same here w/my metallic flap, but it is not an everyday bag. Also, I take good care of it...wiping it down after use and storing it away. If your friend uses her bowler as an everyday bag and isn't especially careful I can see how oils from the hands and exposure to sunshine could fade the leather.
  4. my bowler has lost it's shape, but i love it collapsed anyway but it's still looks shiney. :p
  5. I cant really judge cos my bowler has only been sitting in my wardrobe stoning away.. so she is pretty much glittery! :love:
  6. i heard from my sa that over time, the glitter comes/rub off a lil bit... its such a cute bag though!!
  7. Mine hasn't faded at all. Still shiny!