calling all girls in london!! need ur help!

  1. hi. guys~
    i'm chloe, and i'm in london.
    i went to slone square today and visited Chanel.
    There were a lot of good stocks at chanel~! but, they had a lot of perforated lambskin bags. i wanted to buy a lambskin classic flap bag.:sweatdrop:
    so, are there lambskin bags on new&old bond street?
    and if there are some of that, how much it's gonna cost?
    plz, let me know;)

    i'm attaching picture of perforated lambskin bags and just lambskin bags
    364DFEFA.jpg chanel-handbag-blue-jumbo.jpg
  2. Hi llomar, I live in London too. The classic lambskin flap bags are available in all Chanel stores in London, Sloane Street, Bond Street, Selfridges, Old Brompton Road and Harrods. I bought mine before the price increased, 985pounds for a large lambskin with silver chain. It is the 2nd largest size as in London, they comes in mini / small, medium, large and extra large.

    After price increased, large lambskin costs 1135pounds, and medium lambskin is 1100pounds. Large carviar costs 10454pounds and medium costs 995pounds. Hope this helps.

    Actually I am interested in the prices in Paris.
  3. thanks a lot!!!! cool!!!