Calling all girls from the South!

  1. Last year, a columnist for the British Daily Mail spent some time in the Southern states of the US and she came back with this arsenal of crazy expressions she had picked up during her stay. She had them going in her column for several weeks and they really cracked me up, especially the ones which were obviously from an older generation.

    So to all you Southern girls (and boys), could you share yours with us?
  2. I'm not from the South, but I live here.:smile: I find "how's your mom and em" funny.

    There's also "used-to-could"

    For example can you ride a bike? ... I usedtacould. haha or something...not sure if I'm using it right.
  3. This is funny!!!

    I find myself sayin all the time "lord willin and the creek don't rise". For example if someone ask you if you are going to do something this is the appropriate answer.

    And I am always "fixin'" to do something. i.e. .....I am fixin to got to the store.

    If you are having a bad day "it ain't nothing that a little bisquits and honey won't fix"

    And EVERYTHING is Coke, it doesn't matter if it is Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Mountain Dew, it is ALL coke!

    Greetings in other folks houses usually are "have some sweet tea" not "hi, how are you", and if you don't like sweet tea get the hell out because it is unsouthern.

    I could on and on, but most of the things I say are very southern and part of my everyday language , so it is hard for to to just point then out. I SWEAR I sound just like Ellie Mae of off the Beverly Hillbillies, I am twangy!!!!!
  4. OK, you know where my mind is...a did a double take...'cuz when I first read this, I thought it said, 'all call girls from the south', I digress
  5. Hailing from South Carolina, I have a bunch of 'em :biggrin:

    -long while ago
    -fixin' to leave
    -I'll knock you into Sunday
    -If that doesn't beat all..."don't" is more common, though
    -I'll take a switch to ya
    -Do not take this as offensive, because my Grandmother is absolutely NOT racist, but she calls African Americans "colored folk". She is 93 years old, so, a lot of what she says is back-dated. She calls SUVs "suvvs"
    -I'll swanny
    -It's "git" here, not "get"
    -Ya'll...I do not have an accent (at least not a prominent one...if I have it no other southerners can tell, though northerners can, and I can lapse into "ya'll" every now and then :p)
    -go upside your head
    -what in tarnation?
    -I might could do that
    -fixin' to go
    -can't hardly wait
    -Well ahh-dee-claire!
    -Bad southern habit I hear quite often..."that's a great ideare!"
    -don't show your ass (don't embarrass yourself/us)
    -He ain't got a pot to p*ss in (he's dirt poor/has nothing)
    -I've a mind to
    - See ya tomorrow God willin' and the creeks don't rise
    -Where ya goin?
    -I need to freshen' up
    -Meaner then a snake
    -right as rain
    -come on in and sit a spell
    -p*ss or get off the pot
    -Don't get too big for your britches (my Dad's favorite for me hah)
    -you got that right

    I draw the line at "ain't". Absolutely can't stand to hear it, lol

    My Dad uses a TON of them, but I can't remember them all off of the top of my head. When his speech gets more animated he begins to say "I says..." hah

    If I think of any more I will post them! ^_^

    *add ons:

    -don't get your britches in a twist
    -get outtathat candy
    -pick up that there bottle/piece of trash/etc.
  6. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  7. Neeya, love it all:roflmfao:, got to make a trip and hear it for myself, don't know what it is, just totally charmed by the way you all speak!
  8. yall.
    it's a classic. =]
  9. Not originally from NC, but a friend here when she means "all of it/everything" says "the whole shoot'n'kaboodle". Never heard that one in Illinois!
  10. i've lived in the South my entire life, but i'm from metro Atlanta, so i have a peculiar sort of Atlanta accent, since the majority of the folks that live in and around Atlanta were born in other parts of the country.

    the first important thing to know about living in Atlanta is that there's no second 't' when you say it out loud. it's Atlannuh.

    the "fixin'" thing is SO true - you're not GOING to do anything, you're FIXIN' to do something.

    i can't think of any others off the top of my head - i've never lived anywhere else besides the South, so it's hard for me to know what is particularly southern and what's not.

    i've read some interesting articles, though, about the erosion of the southern dialect as a result of increased migration to the south from other parts of the country. i'll never abandon my accent, though, it's part of me.
  11. Can you please put that in a sentence for me? :yes: Is "em" the rest of the family?
  12. yes, em is the rest of em:yes:
  13. I love this topic! I just love the South, the accents (so many!) and all the cute expressions.

    Anymore sayings?
  14. I catch myself saying "em/eem" (long e sound) for "him". Like "tell eem I'll be there quicker than flies to $hit" (ok, I don't really say the last part ;) )

    Yeah, sweet tea is a staple. Sweetie, honey, baby is pretty routine (which is why I'm surprised when women get upset by it...guess they didn't grow up in the south!). We eat chitlins, which are fried pig intestines. My mom had livestock growing up, and she'd say they used the whole pig...from the rooter to the tooter.
    I'll try to think up some more..
  15. OMG, my DH is a true Southern gentleman and he has a million of 'em!! But the funniest one by far is "I'm hotter than two squirrels stuffed in a wool sock!" I nearly died the first time he said that to me!