Calling all Gigi lovers...

  1. 1 more question...does anyone know if the Miranda is heavier than gigi?
  2. The Miranda is REALLY heavy. I've owned two LV Multi-color speedys and the Miranda is heavier than those are IMHO. My store has had one returned a couple of times because the buyers complain it is too heavy.

    I really like the Gigi in Whiskey. I think it looks way cooler than the signature print. I tried it on for the first time this evening and I liked it, it seems to fit nicely on the shoulder and the whiskey color is just so yummy!!
  3. The Whiskey is TDF!!! Gorgeous get the whiskey! I am thinking about getting a Gigi tote during PCE if I can get the discount....
  4. I vote chocolate signature. I really like Gigi in this. I don't like the khaki sig on the GiGi...definitely too busy...but love the chocolate sig! If you already have a leather GiGi...mix it up a bit! I bet the sig GiGi is much lighter than the leather version as well..
  5. I ordered the gigi in chocolate signature but it hasn't arrived yet. I usually buy only leather bags but I tried on the leather Gigi and it was just so much heavier than the signature. I was amazed at the difference, and I figured that the bag was going to hold all kinds of stuff, so the lighter the better.

    I'll post pics when it comes in--should be Tuesday or Wednesday.

    Wow! This is going to be your second one? How do you plan on using it? As an every day bag, work bag, etc?

    For me, I'm using it as a main work bag to hold laptop, etc.
  6. Thanks! I plan to use it mainly for work! I tend to carry papers to and from work. It is also big enough that I can put a pair of pumps in there too. I use loafers to get to and from work in the fall (unless I'm wearing boots) and then change into heels at work. I'll probably end up sharing the bag with my cousin who's a teacher!!
  7. I went to Coach this afternoon and I tried the chocolate signatue gigi. I decided to go with the whiskey. The chocolate signature didn't do anything for me.I really thougt I was going to like it too...
  8. Great choice!! Clay and whiskey Gigi' lucky girl you!! :tup:

    I got my clay Gigi this weekend, but she's got a long road trip from JAX up here to Seattle as they didn't have one in my boutique :sad:.
  9. I like that chocolate signature :girlsigh:!
  10. Personally, I don't think I like the gigi too much in the darker colors - I think that's it. I wouldn't get it in the black. I think it's a hard look - for me anyway. Not sure if that makes sense. It was the same with me and the Mandy bag. I think the Mandy is great in the lighter colors ( I have it in natural) but it looks too hard in black - maybe b/c of the hardware? I guess that's just not my style...but I do think it looks great on others!