Calling All Gaza Satchel Owners.....

  1. I've tried staying away from this forum...even though I love it so. I was trying to be good and put my love of purse buying on hold...well, it's over.

    I have found an HH Gaza Satchel in Bittersweet! I am so should arrive Tuesday.

    I have been searching for that perfect bag for so long and each time I buy a new bag I just love it, usually, but then it turns out to be a little too small....or a little too unorganized.....etc.

    I would love to hear from the ladies out there who carry a gaza satchel. Is it big enough to hold all of your items? Is it heavy or bulky when filled? Do you use all of the pockets? And if so, what's in them? Does it sit up nice and straight when plopped down on a counter?

    Anything you can tell me so I have something to do while waiting for her to arrive would be wonderful!!!

    Thanks a bunch!!!!:biggrin:
  2. Congrats on your purchase!!! I've never gaza-ed for some reason but might have to try it sometime!
  3. Congratulations...the Gaza is a great bag and bittersweet is the perfect color.

    The lamb leather is very beautiful and gets better with age. (Mine has a distressed look that suits the overall style.) I find the bag to be a bit on the heavy side, but not so much so that I avoid using it. I do have to admit that the interior netting pocket took a bit of getting used to.

    It's iconic HH at their very best. Enjoy!
  4. - Plenty big and a bit weighty on its own. Can be heavy if filled up.
    - It's a great look but there is no way to use all the pockets without going insane trying to remember where you put things. I suggest that you pick two or three specific pockets to use on the outside; ditto for the inside. Also, the snaps can be annoying to close so I avoid pockets with snaps.
    - Pocket contents: usual things like keys, cell phone, lists.
    - It will sit up if weighted and plopped down a certain way. Not a stiff bag.
  5. P.S. Congrats on your acquisition of this rare beast!!!

    I can't imagine seeing another bag like the Gaza Satchel from HH with its labor intensive detail given their current price point.
  6. I love my Gaza Satchels(and Hobo) with all my being!!!:p

    If this bag had a crossbody strap and I could change the interior just a bit, it would pretty much be my HG bag. If I could have it in any colors desired it probably is!!:biggrin:

    It can be a little weighty with all you stuff in it, but it carries well on my shoulder and I really don't notice most of the time. I can't wait until I can walk normal again so once again I can use these bags. Right now I can only use something with a crosbody strap.

    I love all the pockets. I have lipgloss, glucose tabs, receipts, keys, some hard candy all in different pockets. And that's only the outside!! lol

    I love the rugged, casual look of this bag. I've gotten lots of compliments on this bag.

    Congrats on getting your hands on one!! Hope you love it!!:biggrin:
  7. Change in what way?
  8. Thank you ladies for all of your responses! My bag should arrive tomorrow....I just can't wait!!!
  9. Congrats! I LOVE my bittersweet gaza satchel! I cant wait to hear what you think when it arrives.
  10. Love mine too (in Prune)! Don't always use all the pockets, but love LOVE that they are all there!

    I like that you can wear it over the shoulder. Not too heavy for me...find it's a pretty well balanced design.

    Agree on the cross body strap. And colors... how about a tomato or ruby red???

    I hope you love yours as much as I love mine! :smile:
  11. OMG:lol:

    My Bittersweet Gaza finally arrived on Friday!!! I have never loved a purse so much!!

    It is awesome......

    I love all of the pockets, I can stay so organized. It's nice to throw stuff I don't use daily, but need with me, in the pockets and forget about them.
    bittersweet gaza.jpg sitting gaza.jpg
  12. That's really pretty and looks like it will age beautifully.