*~Calling All Gardening Lovers~* Sow and Show Your Garden Stuff

  1. A store bought red pepper will not produce a second generation true to type.

    It is a hybrid, whose seeds will yield green peppers. Some green peppers will ripen to a nice red pepper but you won't get the gorgeous red crisp fruits of the grocery store hybrid. Same goes for the yellow, orange and purple. You need plants or seeds to produce those a second year.
  2. Just came in from outside with a big bowl of raspberries! Yummies :biggrin:

    We only have a few raspberry bushes but they are sooooo full this year :heart:

    The kids had fresh waffles with raspberries for breakfast this morning
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    I have had a bountiful summer!

    Got my first apples, figs, and passion fruit, as well as mangoes from a huge tree that bore fruit the first time in five years, thanks to the return of the bees to the area.



    The passion fruit are still coming, it's kind of crazy at this point...I planted
    Three vines, I thought one was purple but it was yellow too..


    We had tons of these little mangoes. Delicious. My freezer is full!

  4. Forgot the pineapples..have gotten 18 so far.

  5. Yummy, fresh raspberries are such a treat!!

    Cobalt you've had a very good harvest. I always laugh that my veggies don't look like the grocery store ones but then I taste them and they actually have flavor!! So worth the time and effort to get that wonderful flavor difference!
  6. Well, trugh is some of those mangoes went to the horses :p. but yes, I have harvested some very interesting carrots :graucho:
  7. Amazing harvest, Cobalt.

    I have discovered that I've got at least two types of squash. I planted seeds I'd saved from veggies I got at my friends farm, so I wasn't sure what I had. Yay, random gardening, eh? Acorn for sure, and I think maybe butternut...that would be awesome!
  8. WHAT!

    You have Pineapples? Amazing :nuts:
  9. Well the tomatoes are abundant right now. These are the last two harvests...I'm out getting tomatoes about every other day! Next year ~ only two, only two plants!! LOL


  10. Basil harvest today, followed by chopping and placing in ice cube trays and then covered with olive oil and placed in the freezer. I will pop them out tomorrow and put them in plastic baggies and back in the freezer until I need "fresh" basil in November...lol. The thyme, oregano and chives will follow soon!




    After the basil came the two trays of tomatoes...I shall not want for tomatoes with flavor this winter!!

  11. Thats a wonderful haul of tomatoes and basil!!
  12. Thanks CobaltBlu...still having some great tomato harvests but the basil is about done. I've got 4 gallon bags full of frozen tomatoes ready for this winter and frozen basil in olive oil is ready anytime I need it, not to mention the thyme..oregano and parsley to come tomorrow!! Love having a freezer in the basement!!
  13. Excuse me Ladies, for the intrusion. But I thought someone could tell what variety this pumpkin is, and thought maybe Cobalt could help us out. Kim grew a watermelon Butt one summertime, and now she has chosen a pumpkin for the Autumn Honor.

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    My strawberries are starting to ripen now after about 8 weeks of planting the seedlings!!! So excited! This was taken a few days ago so I'm gonna go pick it today!

    I also have my cherry tomatoes where I harvest usually about 3 every few days which I love! They're still small but I love them!

    Just need to work on my rosemary bush still. It's tiny and I've been growing it for the past like 6 months! So annoying.