*~Calling All Gardening Lovers~* Sow and Show Your Garden Stuff

  1. The neighborhood deer came through munching down my sun potatoes. Bunnies aren't tall enough :p But I'm told the chomping will result in more roots, which means more to eat. I'll need to learn about storing them.

    I finally got my squash seeds planted. I'd saved them from the yummiest squash I bought from my friend's farm. I'm really hoping it wasn't a hybrid squash because I won't get much fruit. But if it produces, I've got 12 hills :biggrin:
  2. You could end up with a ton of squash!

    I've been out of town for a week and the tomatoes and peppers are going to town, I'll take pictures tomorrow and post them! Unfortunately the I've only gotten one green bean that has come up...strange.
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    I know. I'm thinking all or nothing...yikes. But I hope to store it for later into the winter, so that might be okay.

    Enjoy the tomatoes and peppers! Odd about only one bean. I really need to get tomatoes and pepper plants in and get my annual herbs.
  4. The seedlings popped, and we first noticed them yesterday. I put three seeds in each hill just in case, and most are coming up. The strawberries are slowly ripening, too. Not many of them to eat...just a mouthful here or there, but the kids are excited. Me, too.
  5. I have a bunch of green tomatoes now, spread throughout my 6 plants. Excited! Have also picked 2 zucchini and more are growing. Peppers have started and radishes are almost done.
  6. That's awesome!

    Zucchini...love that stuff...too late?
  7. Yea! I'm going to try to put in a some more beans...they will not defeat me!! Picked my first tomato the other day, it was a little cherry tomato but it was yummie! All of my tomato plants have a ton of flowers and I've got tomatoes on all of the plants. I've also got peppers and a couple of wee little cucumbers...I'm so excited to start harvesting but I must be patient.
  8. OH sounds soo good! I can hardly wait for all of my tomatoes to ripen, I love the taste of a homegrown tomato!
  9. Wow! Your garden (and daughter) look great! I'm in Texas! I need tips from you!
  10. Hi ladies, this is my first year (keep adding that disclaimer) and my garden is a mess. Lol! I have 2 beds. In one, my border collie dug it up just after I planted and my husband raked it over without telling me. So, I have a hodgepodge of things. I'm honestly not even 100% sure what's there. In my second bed, some nasty bug is attaching my tomatoes and I had to pull one of my squash plants because of a bug (next year, I will use foil). The squash is growing like crazy but there are no squash! The tomatoes I've harvested had to be thrown out b/c of the bug/seeds (don't remember the details. But my husband looked it up). Here are a few pics.
  11. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1372197302.454023.jpg
    I think this is lettuce growing
    Inside of tomatoes :sad:
    1st harvest
  12. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1372197404.171140.jpg
    Bell peppers looking good
    Look at the squash! I may have to prune my tomatoes back
  13. Thank you so much but that ain't my daughter. Just a little friend helping! Last year I had everything in full sun and it all pretty much withered, even with heavy watering. This year there is more shade during the hottest part of the day and the veggies seem to be doing much better. All my herbs are still in full sun, though.