*~Calling All Gardening Lovers~* Sow and Show Your Garden Stuff

  1. Ah, should have looked closer - well, there you go. And it saves so much room for other stuff. I am so excited for this season - I love learning and trying new things.
  2. Can you guys recommend a book or website for an absolute beginner (climate: Montreal, so same as NY)??? I have a house now but we've lived in apartments forever and I really have no clue where to start.

    PS very cute little girl there!!! I am hoping to grow some fresh vegetables/herbs for my kids too.
  3. Ok. So these are my beds after I conditioned the soil.

  4. Oops. Meant to include more pics.



    And some of my goodies ready for planting but not all of it. I'm also growing things from seed.

  5. Now here are some pics from about two weeks ago.

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1370349582.436310.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1370349597.721362.jpg

    I will take recents today as they are getting bigger everyday.
  6. Beauty all around. Your dd looks like she's having a blast helping mommy.
  7. Honestly the web is amazing for all that stuff. I have learned more from thinking out loud and running a search than most of my mags and books. Also chatting with peeps have helped me tons.

    The beginning can be a very overwhelming so just start slow with easy to grow things like tomatoes and peppers, radishes and herbs, squash and cucs, etc.

    Here is a great website for you.


    Let us know how it goes :smile:
  8. Your beds look great, and you should have a great crop of veggies! Quick question, have you ever used tomato cages? I've always staked mine in the past but with the tomatoes in the raised bed I'm thinking the cages might work better.
  9. Does Canada have an extension service or 4-H? They are a great resource too, and sometimes they have classes. My local extension/4-H also has booklets and pamphlets available in the office.
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    You know, I have. They have never worked for me but I have only used the ones that look like wire cones. Hate them, personally. Maybe the ones the square ones work better?

    I used stakes and old panty hose to tie up my tomatoes last year and t worked great. This year - same method but I bought green gardeners tape to tie them up. I will need to continue to do that as they grow out.

    Hey beagly, are the same beagly911 that posts in the Loub threads?
  11. I was thinking of trying the square ones, if I do I'll let you know how they work.

    Yes I am the same beagly911 that is in the Loub threads! It was Loub's that brought me to tPF and now I'm posting all over the place! hehe:graucho:
  12. Oh ok. I thought your were one in the same.

    Please do keep me updated - would love to know. Gardening is a non-stop learning assignment.

    And I came to tPF b/c of bags and, like you, am all over the place. I love that about this place - SO MUCH INFO!!!

    Question - may I pm you about something?
  13. I will, I found some square and some triangular ones so we'll see. Always love learning new gardening stuff!

    PM away!!
  14. Ok. And some pics, maybe :shame:
  15. Since this a seed-included thread, has anyone had success starting seed indoors while we wait out winter? I am 30/70 successful. No bueno.

    I actually, for the first time, used various seeds in my gardens and surprisingly, some are growing!