Calling All Gardeners, I need advice

  1. I had Cyprus trees in my backyard that served as a privacy fence. However, due to the ice/snow storm that we had a few months ago, they collapsed under the weight of precipitation. I would love to install more trees instead of a regular fence, but the company charges 85% of the total trees ordered for planting. Therefore, I am getting a regular fence installed.

    Zoning laws prohibit fences to be higher than 6 feet. So, my question is : is there any way to extend the height of the fence by affixing some kind of plant to the top of it? Thanks!!
  2. we have a small fence at the back of my parents house and then leilandi trees infront of it. they grow ridiculously fast so within 2 years they were taller than the fence and keep our privacy
  3. ^^^Thanks but I want something instantaneous.
  4. Try a pergola--a single line (narrow) one with some quick growing vines might do the trick. You should be able to build it just a few feet away from your fence and it could (and should) be several feet higher. The only problem would be the vines you choose--if they're deciduous, you might still have the view in the winter (of course, it depends on where you live). There are evergreen vines (like ivy) but some (like the ivy) can be invasive, so you have to be careful. Of course, you might be creative and add a privacy trellis to your pergola in addition to the vines. :smile:
  5. We have a similar fencing ordinance where I live, but the height limit only covers solid fencing. You might be allowed to install a wooden lattice on the top that would extent up another couple of feet. You could then train some ivy or something to grow over the lattice. Not instantaneous, but with a quick-growing climber, (morning glory?) you could get more coverage within a few weeks/months.
  6. Yep, that was my first thought, too--but I was assuming the ordinance wouldn't allow that--if they do, that would look awesome!
  7. The trellis does work, their is also a very fast growing evergreen clematis, flowers this time of year nice scent, this clematis will also give you height a lot more that Ivy.
  8. Thank you everyone. I will check the ordinance properly. I hope I can add a lattice...