Calling all Frye Veronica Slouch bot owners!! Help!


Mar 3, 2006
Hi ladies,
I just ordered Veronica's at Nordstrom the other night and while I was waiting for them to arrive I found them on bloomies site for 25% off with a promo code. Today I opened up both boxes and while they are both well made they have quite a few differences and I wanted to make sure they were both authentic. First off, the stamp on the insole is gold on one pair and black on the other. They are both stamped inside the calf but the stamp color is also different. Finally, the stamp on the bottom looks slightly different. They were both ordered as "dark brown" but the colors are slightly different which I realize they're not all exactly the same. The bloomies ones came in the wrong box so I'm also wondering if it's just because they may be two different colors (bloomies box was for a size 6 extended calf). The boots fit exactly the same which would imply they're both made by frye I would think. Let me know what your thoughts are and if you have a pair let me know how these compare to yours!