calling all from chicago?

  1. I will be in chicago this weekend, and I see active endavor has a location there. Can I get better deals on handbags in the store vs online.?? Also best place to shop for handbag deals?
  2. I don't think you'll get a better price in the store, plus you will just have to pay tax on top of the regular prices, so that's 9% more. Right now the only places I know of that might have some handbag deals are Filene's and Off 5th which is out in Schaumberg, but it might be worth a drive. Not many places have sales right now.
  3. if you buy something expensive (400and above) then you can ask them to ship the merchandise to your home if you are not living in illinois then they will not charge you any tax
  4. Only if she lives in a state where the store doesn't have a location.
  5. except Sak's - I think if you don't live within 13 miles of one you don't pay Tax
  6. I'm quite certain it's by state, per law. Even says they collect it on their website.
  7. I doubt you'd be better off especially since there are 20% off coupons on line.
  8. I agree the selection at the store itself isn't that great and the prices are pretty much the same. Also, the Nordstrom Rack downtown just got a whole bunch of MJ bags, last I saw they had the Blake in Berry for 399 I think. Another good place to check might be Jake, Samantha, Blake, and other area boutiques
  9. Hope you had fun shopping in chi-town!!! Let us know if you found any great deals!!!
  10. Thanks all for you response. Handbag shopping was a bust this weekend. Nothing at any of the Rack or Off fifth. No sales @ Neiman. But I did get to see alot of great bags I only see on the web. So then today online BOOM. Went to revolveclothing a purchased a Bulga. And then set thru the dreadful mess on hadenharnett and was able to get a purchase thru all that web crashing mess.
    But Chicago did not let me down. Still made it to the lush store and a few others I do not have around here. And of course Great Blues Musice Fri and Sat. Lots of Great food and drink. What a city. :jammin:
  11. Glad you loved time the shopping will be better we swear!!!
  12. also wanted to note. everytime I am in Chicago I have already spent to much money and then see a great deal on a bag. This weekend I had money and went to look for a bag and no luck. lol isnt that how it always works.