calling all Flamingo lovers

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  1. ladies,

    today i purchased a brand new birkin bag size 35 in flamingo color from a reseller at a (relatively) good price. Now I’m worried the size is too big for such a color :cry: .. I have another two 35cm birkin bags, one in orange and another in lagoon (both are in size 35) that I wear without any discomfort.. the rest of my birkins and kellys are in neutral/muted shades

    is this normal :crybaby: .. I go out in black abaya and a black head scarf would that help neutralize the color? I also match my colored bags with black shoes only..

    can you show me your flamingo bag in day light color? :sad: can you also show me how different the color is from the classic orange? Any modeling pictures would be greatly appreciated :cry:

  2. I don't think it's too bright to be 35 since you have it in lagoon and orange. It's a pretty and soft color.
  3. I don't have B in Flamingo, but my Jige is in Flamingo with white stitches. IMHO, the color is easy to match. Here are my mod pics.


    Regarding the difference between Flamingo and Orange, I'll try to take a comparison shot for you when I'm home.
  4. Flamingo to me not very bright or neon pink very soothing color
    Easy to match
  5. Flamingo is a great neutral - congratulations!
  6. Difference between Flamingo and Orange, both are in Epsom. This photo was taken under daylight. HTH.
  7. purselover888 i have seen some modeling pictures of people in the internet and it looked a bit flashy :sad:.. do you think it has a soft tone in real ?

    tammywks thank you for the pictures and the effort :flowers:.. i think its very easy to match it with other colors, i'm only worried about the color tone.. in all pictures it looks flashy, am i right? :shucks:

    Madam Bijoux bagidiotic thank you ladies, please share with me some pictures if you have any :shucks: