Calling all Filipino bag lovers!

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  1. i'm a Cebu-based bag lover.. that being said, there are no LV, Bottega, Gucci or even a Kate Spade store around.
    I've been toying with the idea of ordering bags online (Neiman Marcus/Saks Fifth, Net a Porter), but i'm not sure if they ship to the Philippines.

    If anyone has tried this, please enlighten me!!! The procedure, if you have a SA to look for, customs charge, etc..

    Thanks thanks!!;)
  2. Hi dopey, if you do a search, I'm sure you will come up with a lot of information.

    There are many sites that ship internationally, and many boutiques will do this as well - you merely have to find a good SA to work with. However, the main drawback with shipping to the Philippines is the customs charges. In general, you will be charged 45% of the item's value. It's a huge huge deterrent. It's probably cheaper to fly to HK and shop there, or buy from the boutiques in Greenbelt 4/5.
  3. ohh Greenbelt is so good!
    Also, why don't you try out the brand rafe, that's by a filipino designer.
  4. ^^Really? I didn't know that rafe is by a Filipino designer. That's awesome!

    Dopey, there is a pinoy LV lover's club on the LV subforum. You should check it out. Lots of info there, lots of pinoys from the P.I. ordering internationally. I *think* Balenciaga also has one; can't remember. Don't go there that often. The Gucci subforum doesn't have a club coz there are only two of us there (as far as I know).

    Anyways, welcome to tpf :smile:
  5. hi dopey! i agree with everyone, gbelt is a good place to look for designer bags. oh btw rafe totengco is a well known filipino designer. he's based in NYC. i miss manila so much, i havent been home for quite sometime now..
  6. Can you only buy Rafe at their online store or are they sold at other department stores as well?
  7. thanks everyone! i agree, Greenbelt is the best place to shop, next to Rockwell Powerplant. =)

    sigh... i wish i lived right back in Manila. A plane fare to Manila is way cheaper than flying off to Hong Kong or even in Singapore, but my frustration with Manila shops for Gucci, Bottega, etc. is that it's not complete. LV is probably the most complete - but that's cuz it's company owned, while Gucci and Bottega was just brought in.

    Btw, Rafe store in Manila is in Greenbelt 5. I like Rafe for the natural elements behind his bags. Has anyone here tried Celestina minaudiere? It's by another Filipino designer, Tina Maristela Ocampo. It's been featured in Vogue, Harpers, etc.. I believe it's also in Greenbelt 5. =)
  8. bakeacookie, here in the US, i know you can buy it at fine dept stores like Nordstrom, Saks, NM....
  9. Thanks! I'll keep an eye out. I saw some bags on the website that would be really neat to carry for the spring.
  10. is celestina available in the US? if so, can anyone please share where? i haven't seen it, or else, maybe i've seen it and just didn't realize they're celestina's....tia!
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