Calling All Ferragamo Fans....

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  1. Let all Ferragamo fans unite and ask the tpf administrators to add a new designer sub-forum for Salvatore Ferragamo. It will be a great place for us to exchange info and to post the latest on deals/ steals. Just love their bags and shoes. Do I hear a yea??:yahoo:
  2. I don't own any, but I love them....they are beautiful, well made, classic bags that won't ever go out of style and not a lot of people have them.
  3. I love Ferragamo bags. I have 2 and am going to look for another!
  4. I love ferragamo bags & shoes. beautiful & well made
  5. I own 2 ferragamo bags and a wallet, all safiano leather. Ferragamo is the absolute HG for me.
  6. I second the motion!
  7. I saw a lovely SF bag on eBay, but don't think I'll bid as I have far too many bags as it is!
  8. I've been a Ferragamo lover for more than 10 years. I don't have any more of their bags but do have small accessories and live in their shoes - they're the best fit for me.
  9. I fully agree and have been asking for one for quite some time now. Who else?!?
  10. yes! i have 2 and plan to get more... a sub-forum is needed!
  11. Getting my third one right now! SF is one of the best brands out there for sure :smile:
  12. i have a pair of ferragamo flats and they are the most comfy shoes i own!
  13. I have a "Armonia" bag and leather wallet. I enjoy using this bag so much I'm on the lookout for the same style in black!

    Let's keep chatting about Ferragamo and hopefully we'll get a Ferragamo sub-forum...:yes:
  14. Yes! Great idea! I love Ferragamo bags, although I've yet to own one. Definitely hoping to buy one someday, so a sub-forum dedicated to talking about SF would be helpful. :smile:
  15. Yeah..... great ideas.... I own about 3 Ferrg bags love them all. I am looking for the Mariscia now--hoping to catch one this year