calling all Ferragamo pics of your bags here!

  1. Whenever Ferragamo bags are mentioned on tPF (which isn't very often), I'm surprised at how many owners come out of the woodwork. I thought it would be fun if we collected pics of our bags in one thread.

    I like Ferragamo bags because the styles are classic and elegant, and the pricepoints have generally stayed around $1,000, compared to $1,500-$2,000 and up for many other premium designers.

    Here are my three Ferragamo bags, purchased in 2005 and 2006:

    Ferragamo bags1.JPG
  2. I don't have any, but have always thought that the bags are really classy. Would love to see the pics.
  3. I don't have but it's lovely!
  4. Ooh I'm so glad you posted this, I'm curious too! Despite always lusting after bags, this one was the one that started it all for me! I love mine dearly! :}


    It makes me think of the Epi a bit, but vertical, and "Ferragamo" is integrated into throughout too, not sure if you can really tell in the picture.

    I like it best when they use the gancio as a clasp closure, kinda like a turnlock closure. I love your black one Cosmopolitan!
  5. Thanks, and thanks for posting your bag! :yes:
  6. only have two ferragamo bags but I love their simplicity and elegance...
    ferratote.JPG ferra-prada-lv-.jpg
  7. Here's mine and I just love it! It's casual and dressy at the same time and my daughter even wants one. I promise to figure out how to post nice big pics tonight.
  8. Thanks for posting bluxcape and tonij2000. ^^^Is that a tiny Marisa I see???
  9. My pleasure and I sure hope so, I bought it off eBay and wasn't sure about the name. I've seen other Marisa bags at NM and mine is a bit different. I'm guessing it's an older model? Any info you can share with me will be great (I hope :wtf: ).

    I think I'm going to give this to my daughter if I can find the large one. I do love it though!
  10. Well, my black bag posted above in #1 is a Marisa. Ferragamo has made a couple of different versions and sizes of that bag. Since your pic is so small, though, its a bit hard for me to get a good look at it.
  11. ^^^ I have a heck of a time trying to post large pics. Anyway, Mine has gold colored hardware, and it's lambskin. I have wondered though, why some Marisa bags that I've seen have two seams on the corners and the flap while others have one. I'll post some more pics, anything specific show? and thanks a bunch!
  12. Hope this is better.
    pic1.jpg pic2.jpg pic3.jpg pic4.jpg
  13. The bigger pictures are definitely better! Beautiful! :heart:
  14. Here's pics of my Marissa bag. I just LOVE it.

  15. ^^^Thanks for posting Kat! I love my Marisa too. It's definitely one of my go-to bags. And it looks great on you! :yes: