Calling all F/W 2007 Money owners!

  1. Hi! I have a question about the serial number in your wallet (it's located on the compartment located next to the zipper pocket). On my F/W 2007 wallet, it says "made in italy" and then is followed by the serial number. However, an owner of a S/S 2007 money told me that her wallet had the serial number first, then the "made in italy". What does yours say? And does the order matter? (I posed this question in the authenticate this thread, but couldn't reach many money owners. hope it's ok to pose the question here!) Thanks!
  2. Hi Sunny... my f/w money says "made in Italy" then the serial #'s. I never knew that was in there until I read this post~! Hope that helps. ;)
  3. I have one of the large black wallets which has lots of little silver studs all over the front. It has Made in Italy before the number.

    Do does my smaller size Vert Gazon SS 07 wallet.
  4. Sunny, it looks like there was a switch between the S/S 07 and F/W 07 bags. I wonder if Bal changes around the the order to help prevent fakes. I do hope you enjoy your new money wallet. I sure love mine.
  5. My blueberry has made in italy before the number. Love this wallet!
  6. I have a couple of wallets, and both have 'made in italy' followed by serial number, although they take some finding!!
  7. Thanks for everyones input! And it was chuggie who actually told me where to find the serial number in the first place. Sounds like my wallet is just fine, and it's really fabulous isn't it- so well designed. Love it!