Calling All Experts

  1. What leather looks the best in gold with gold hardware.Besides of course the beautiful Chevre.:flowers::flowers::flowers:
  2. actually i do find the best look of the colour gold gold is on togo
  3. I agree that gold in togo looks nice. Gold in chevre is actually quite light and not the best for gold ... in my opinion. The SAs at my store also don't like gold in chevre that much.
  4. What about the colour caramel in chevre?
  5. IMHO, I think Gold looks even better in Clemence than in Togo. Gold also takes on a rich reddish hue in Box!
  6. OT how does gold differ in togo and clemence?
  7. Wafaya, it's best to show pictures but I don't have any. Gold Clemence appears much richer and slightly deeper. If I remember correctly, flossyfigaro has a picture comparing both leathers in Gold. Hope she sees this thread!
  8. OT Thanx for the clarification... :flowers: As I understood, clemence is deeper in color
  9. Thanks so much everyone! I knew I could count on you. Sounds like clemence and togo are good choices. Is clemence the leather that slouches alot? With birkins and kellys do they slouch so much that they don't sit upright.I don't know if I would like that.I love how people describe clemence and togo with a sweet smell .Yummy!!:flowers::flowers::tender:
  10. I like it in togo. Absolutely timeless, a warm neutral, easy on the eyes, etc.
  11. I say either Togo or clemence. This diehard chevre lover has to admit that gold isn't as rich in chevre as on T or C. :smile:
  12. Agree with all the above: OT is spot on that it's richer and deeper on Clemence - IMO it's still really pretty on Togo too. Chevre is probably my favorite leather, but I don't think Gold looks great in it - it takes brighter colors better. And I like gold and palladium hardware equally with Gold.

    And toonie, Clemence will slouch slightly more than Togo - Togo will sit upright a little more.
  13. Thanks again everyone I value all your Hermes knowledge and advise.:flowers:
  14. Here is a comparison of gold togo v. clemence courtesy of gigi leung as posted on page 2 of the Hermes Informative Catalog sticky. HTH:flowers:

  15. Jag, that picture shows a great comparison of Clemence vs. Togo as far as texture goes. Flossyfigaro had a really wonderful picture of two Gold Birkin 30's--one in Clemence and one in Togo. You could really see the differences in color. In gigi's picture Clemence appears lighter than in Togo but in reality it is slightly deeper. Just FYI! =)