Calling all experts, please help me figure out what this is...

  1. I was at my local consignment shop today and something caught my eye.

    It was a small Louis Vuitton mono bag, but I've never seen anything like it. I asked to see it. Here is the description, I wish I would have taken a photo.

    It was mono, and small. Probably about the size of the mini sac HL. It had vachetta handles and zipped across the top. On the inside it had a cell phone pocket and I think another pocket, it was the brown canvas interior. It had vachetta piping on the outside, but otherwise, a continuous piece of canvas. It "seemed" authentic, I did notice when I was checking out the hardward, that it had little screws holding on the hardware for the handles. It had the little 'D' ring inside and the date code was on it.

    What the heck is this thing?

    They were asking $248.
  2. that's the Monogram Ribera Mini. it might have been a special order, because the original Ribera is from the Damier line:

  3. I had seen this in a boutique before. I asked a SA and she told me it's special ordered Ribera mini. It costs about $1200 - 1300.
    I'm surprised the consignment shop only asking $248 for it.
  4. Gotta be a fake then surely...Cause if it's ment to be $1200 then it would be stupid to sell it for $248.
  5. I'm hoping that the store has no idea what it's worth, nor the consignor. I have it on hold and plan on purchasing it and then check it out for authencitity. Maybe I'll get lucky.
  6. I don't know... Well just make sure you can return it if it is fake , If you get it post some pics and we will tell you! :yes: