Calling all experts!!! Black clemence Kelly or not???

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  1. I always wanted my first Kelly to be in togo leather in orange/Potiron or possibly black color. I wear a lot of black clothing so I thought a orange/potiron Kelly would not look as boring aginst my clothes as a black one would. But black is also a classic color for kelly, is it not??

    So, I just found out a black Kelly in the right size and hardware is available in clemence if I want it. I don’t know what to do? :shrugs: It’s certainly easier to coordinate clothing with a black Kelly but is it too bland?? :confused1: I think a classic black box would be nice but I can’t stand scratches. Also, I am worried about the slouchiness of the clemence over togo over time. Should I pass on this Kelly or take it???:sweatdrop: I need some advice asap!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Clemence is a nice leather and you can dress up the black with a colorful scarf or a colorful H charm....or if you're wearing black and carrying a black Kelly, wear a colorful red or fuchsia/pink scarf or some other bright accessory to brighten up your overall look. You'll look tres chic! That would be how I would do it...then again you're asking a Kelly lover so any color Kelly is a good Kelly!
  3. Black on a Kelly is never too bland. It will always look classy, yet the clemence will give it a casual chic look. Have you tried it on?
  4. Black is a great color for a Kelly bag, but I am not a lover of black clemence myself...I like box more. Since you don't like box....clemence or togo could be the way to go.

    Do you mind if your bag will have some slouch? It will with clemence, so ask yourself that. Also, the larger the more slouchy.

    You won't get the "look at me" like you would with potiron or orange, but you are comparing much stronger colors with a neutral. YOu have to ask yourself what you are looking for.

    In the end, if you are positive on the would be a smart choice for you.

    Keep us posted.
  5. with black, the hardware really stands out, whichever it is, so that keeps it looking sharp (never bland!). the slouch factor also depends on the size of the bag. if it's a 35 clemence it will slouch with a capital S. if it's a 28 or 25, it will still be soft, but it's a big difference. with black you can play around with scarves a lot, so that adds versatility. but if you haven't made your peace with clemence, i think you should wait. chevre won't scratch and also won't flop or slouch at all. i love what misspiggy said, basically, any kelly is a good kelly. so true.
  6. And I agree with HiHeels 100%. Any Kelly is a good Kelly!!!! It's all up to what you Clemence it will slouch. If you don't like the slouchy look, then opt for Togo, Chevre or even Swift. These will have a softness but no slouch. And of course Black is classic! No blahness there with the hardware going against black is timeless, Pall or even Ruthenium is a little more moderne/edgy.

    I say, go take a look at what they have and decide then. Just know that Clemence will be slouchy.......
  7. I personally would love it!!! But you need to try it on and see if it sings to you. :yes:
  8. I baby my 32 clemence kelly when I use it, which isn't very often. Because I don't really like slouch. I put the bare minimum that I need in it. I adore it!!! But I might get a different leather if I ever decide to get another kelly.
  9. Thank you so much ladies for your advice. :flowers::flowers: The problem is this bag is not from my local Hermes store. I am sure some of you are not surprised. :rolleyes: and I would have to travel far this weekend just to look at the bag. I have never seen clemence Kelly in person, only Togo. My Massai is clemence but that doesn't really help any. :hysteric: All the SAs I have dealt with at diff. stores always told me togo & clemence are the same as far as slouchiness but I think you ladies know better.

    So, I guess the big question is how much slouchier would a 32 clemence be compare to a 32 Togo Kelly. I am not trying to be technical here, but would you say 10%, 50% or more?? :confused1: I can live with 10% or so, but not more than that. I know probably nobody knows for certain but any opionion would be appreciated. :yes: BTW, I thought I read somewhere on the forum Hermes is not making togo as much anymore, clemence is more available, is that true?? :s Geez, decisions, decisions, decisions. You ladies are the only ones I can share this with. Nobody else would understand. :yes:
  10. Very true about the togo not being around as much.

    OK...PLEASE EVERYONE...let's help out here...if you have pictures of clemence Kellys in any size post them here. This may help a little bit.

    OR, comparison shots of togo vs. clemence Kellys.
  11. Well, from having "played" with both,...I would say the togo is about 30% slouchier. To open and close the bag, I had to use both hands AND put t on the counter. With togo, it was a "one hand job"!
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  12. ^^ava, I think you meant Clemence is 30% slouchier?
  13. KB- You are too kind, that was a very nice gesture. Thank you. :flowers:

    Avan- Thanks a bunch for your quick response. 30% makes me uneasy... :s

    Avan is trying to trick me here!!! ;) :graucho:
  14. yup, that is what I meant, thank you:yes:
  15. Pictures coming!!!!