Calling all exotic experts, is there such a thing as...

  1. matte ebene croc or ostrich? I don't recall seeing it in the croc portion of the leather book & forgot to check the ostrich portion. So does anyone know?

    I'm normally a croc fan but a recent sighting of a black rigid ostrich kelly has me changing my tune. Talk about understanded elegance! Wow!! Watch me copy her in a couple of years. LOL!

    And I thought havanne was the only available brown matte but a recent thread showed a matte ebene. So unless that was a fake, my interest is now peaked. Mind you, this would be for those rare days when brown doesn't quite fit the bill. And unfortunately, my mini kelly is just about all the black that I can handle for the moment. But it's also not necessarily a bag I can picture myself growing old with, KWIM? Thanks all!

    P.S. Are all ostrich colors matte or does it depend on the color? And how's the leather on a birkin? Saggy? Thanks again!
  2. I've seen Ostrich Sellier Kellys and Ostrich Birkins in several colors, and it's a marvelous leather for either. The Kellys held their shape and so did the Birkins.

    I've also seen Chocolate and Black Ostrich Birkins and feel that the Ostrich shows up better in the Chocolate. A friend had a Black Ostrich Birkin that had lots of patina, and it still didn't come close the the beauty of the same bag in Chocolate Ostrich.

    One other bonus with an Ostrich bag is that it's light weight.
  3. But have you seen an Ebene Ostrich bag? I'm not considering Chocolate for the moment.

    And thanks for the tip on the weight. It's always a key factor as well.