Calling ALL Evora Owners! Evora MM Short Handle Straps Issue...Help!!

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  1. Hello Fellow TPF'ers!!

    I've recently purchased a preloved Evora MM in excellent condition. The bag is from the year 2011 and I am absolutely in LVOE with her!!!

    There is one annoying thing about her ---whenever the short handle straps are not upright and I want to pick them up - they keep sliding on the brass rings instead of stay where they are suppose to stay.

    Literally EVERY TIME I would need to adjust the short handle straps and the brass rings back into their original position (At least 2 of the 4)

    I've taken some pictures:







    It annoys me and takes up time --- the bag is so gorgeous though that I will just have to learn to live with it.

    I was wondering if this is normal for all Evora MM bags or is this an issue that only mine has?

    For the hefty price tag that accompanies this bag I would not think people have to keep adjusting the handles everytime they want to pick up their bag ...

    Any Evora Owners out there or anyone familiar with the Evora could please let me know if you have the same problem?

    If this is normal then I will just live with it -- otherwise I want to bring it to LV to see if they can do something about that.

    Thanks so much!
  2. i dont have an evora, but looking at the bag, it seems that carrying the bag frequently with items in it might stretch the leather loops around the gold rings...its probably something that develops on all bags with time and use. sort of like the "breaking in" process on artsys or delightfuls.
  3. You should try posting in the Evora clubhouse! Good luck!!
  4. If you don't adjust it and you carry the bag on its short straps, will they right itself without adjustment?

  5. Yeah that makes sense! I just hope that it is normal and not a quality issue ...

    I will do that! Thanks :smile:

    No, if I don't adjust it myself and I carry the bag on its short straps it will stay that way, which bothers me so it forces me to adjust it every time.
  6. try to swich the sides of the bag
    cus this might be considered regular wear