calling all EUROPEAN girls! one day 10% sale?

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  1. Did anyone hear about this one day 10% sale in your country, especially in Belgium? When is it going to be? I haven't heard about it in Europe & I didn't receive a mail (yet?).

    I'm planning to buy a guccissima bag on december 5th (probably the abbey shoulder...I can change my mind again when I'm in the store. I already changed my mind 58746 times ... LOL) and a matching belt, maybe some shoes too (hehe, I'm on a stroll:upsidedown:). But maybe I have to wait a bit for the 10%?

    The cruise collection came out on the Belgium website 2 weeks after it came out on the US-website. so I counted 2 weeks after november 20th - that's december 4th/5th? I'm losing my mind here...:weird:

    But here in Belgium, stores 'normally' may not do sales 6 weeks before the wintersale and wintersale begins january 3rd! So technically they can't do the 10% discount! or will they? aaarrrgh:sos:

    It's really killing me! I want to know:push:!
  2. OM, you are hopeless! You need Gucci therapy! :graucho:
  3. hihi, I don't think that any therapy would help, it's too late for me :roflmfao: I need gucci!!!

    I'm constantly checking all you girls sale information/purchases to be prepared for the big sale :p

    I wanna see plenty of pics next week, babes :drool:!

    nobody from Europe with (or without) info? nobody who is hopeless like me:search:?
  4. I'm like you :p but I'm not from europe... ;)
  5. I have no idea. All the sales seem to be at different times in the US. For example, the burberry is US has sale, but Europe doesn't have one at all.. And the Gucci Europe didn't have that sale that US had last week with 10% either. US gucci normal sale begins coming week and not here... :sad:
    Sorry I was of no help, I'm just as confused as you! haha
  6. hehe, thank god we have a place where we can be hopeless :p
    none of my friends understand me when it comes to designer stuff... :crybaby:
    but thank god for all my tpf-friends:yahoo:!!
  7. yeah, it really sucks :tdown:!!!!
    when the belgian gucci-website started at the beginning of this year I was so glad, I thought they were gonna do sales too but ... they didn't had an online sale!!!
  8. I couldn't agree more! :p
  9. Hi, leslie-x

    I have no info:nogood:

    But very hopeless :yes:
  10. yay, another hopeless person, join the club :p!

    still no info yet ...
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