Calling all Estheticians!!

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  1. Help. I have applied and received my first job in Esthetics. I am a recent graduate and have no experience outside of school. I am not sure if the pay is good, but I have no idea what one in my position should start out at. They are offering $10 an hour or 25-30% commision off of services plus 10% reatil com, and of course any tips I may receive.
    Is a 25-30% com rate good? I was under the impression that 45% was what you started out at, then worked your way up to 55-60%. I have applied elsewhere and may have another opportunity at the begining of the year....I like this day spa but the one I may get in Jan is Awsome but I do not know the pay. Should I accept the position? Or wait on the other job offer? What are you all out there making as far as commision on services?
    Pls Help.:shame:
  2. It all depends on how busy the spa is and what prices they charge. If you are working in a high end spa charging $150 -$250 for facials 30% plus tips is great. In my spa I pay 40 -50% but we only charge around $100 for a facial. You can make a lot more money if you try to upsell by adding waxing and addons. And it is easy to sell $500 of retail to a person if you do a good job and they see results.