Calling all Ergo owners

  1. I have decided to get an Ergo for my next Coach bag and I was wondering which style was more preferred, either the Hobo or the Tote? Thanks ladies!
  2. I like the hobo because it zips closed. I don't like an open bag, but that is me.
  3. I like the hobo style better in the ergo series. That's just a personal preference tho, surely you like one style over the other!
  4. i have the ergo hobo in turquoise and i love it! i'm not a big fan of totes.
  5. I have the large vintage leather hobo and I love the size and they way it feels on my shoulder. I don't care for the ergo totes because it feels like it will slip off my shoulder... but I do like the way they look :p
  6. ditto
  7. Thanks ladies, that is extremely helpful!
  8. Hobo! I have the large vintage hobo and love how it hangs on me! It's very comfy!
  9. I own the Ergo tote in black. I love it. It does have a clasp on top to close the purse. I miss a zipper, but the clasp does fine. It's so roomy. Just love it!
  10. hobo because it zips, i tend to throw sometime and wouldn't want my stuff flying everywhere. and it issuper comfortable..
  11. Another vote for the's an excellent shoulder rider. Both styles can hold a ton without weighing you down...zipper on the hobo is a plus, but I still take out my large turquoise tote for fun days and for a double-strap bag, it rides well on the shoulder, too,
  12. Depends on if you're planning on leather or signature, IMO. If leather, I'd go with the hobo because my ergo sig hobo doesn't sit right. the strap never loosened up and it's really clunky and stiff. But the leather hobos don't have the same issue.

    If you want to do signature, I'd do the tote. The lack of zipper isn't really an issue for me (although i tend to carry a sweater every where i go and generally tuck it into my bag, so there's a layer of protection there). The tote looks really good and is comfortable on the shoulder.

    Either way you can't go wrong, though!
  13. I have both and prefer the hobo. I like a single strap for throwing over my shoulder easily and I like the zipper to keep things more secure AS I'm throwing the bag over my shoulder.:p
  14. I have 2 large ergo totes & I love them! They're big & roomy & the straps have never been a problem. I tried on the hobo, but I preferred the look of the tote on me. Definitely try them on 1st if possible.
  15. I have 3 hobos and one tote. I like them both, but prefer the hobo.