Calling all Epi MANDARIN owners!

  1. Finally I found my dream bag :love: it's Epi and it's mandarin :shame:
    But... as I've never seen this color IRL, I'd like to know whether this color is as gorgeous as it looks? What do you wear w/ it, is it hard to match? Do you use your mandarin bags often?
    Plz tell me everything :p and convince me that it's absolutely worth it! TIA!
  2. hi , I bought the epi mandarin petite noe last fall......I bought it specifically to wear in the late spring early summer.....the shape of this bag is so casual and the colour is so fresh.
    Though, you could wear it in the winter months as well.
    I plan on wearing it with my white suit for a pop of colour and certainly denim.

    Ironically, I just bought a dress with this mandarin colour but I am wearing that with a white handbag....Enjoy!
  3. I have the Epi Mandarin Alma and I think it's beautiful! It's brighter than I thought it'd be but I like it. I wear it with my jeans or my black or brown outfits. I don't use it TOO much because I cycle through all my bags but everytime I use it, I fall in love with it all over again. I think it's absolutely worth it!
  4. I have a mandarin EPI soufflot. It's a very eye-catching bag and I love it so much. I match it with my dark-grey, navy blue, cream, beige and olive color clothes.
  5. I have a mandarin Jasmin and I really love it. I always get compliments on it when I wear it. It goes with a lot more than you'd think. It gives an otherwise ordinary outfit a pop of color.
  6. It´s an absolutely stunning colour!
  7. [​IMG]
  8. I only have the small agenda, but it is a very luscious color. It is vibrant and I think as a bag would be great with black, grey, navy or even tan/camel.
  9. Kat, I love your Jasmin :love:
    Is the color in the pic lifelike, or is it lighter IRL?
  10. I have the small agenda and love it. I would say the colour is a bit lighter and brighter! Which bag do you want to buy?
  11. Speedy :love:
    I was torn between the Jasmin and the Speedy, but now I've found the perfect Speedy... :nuts:
  12. I LVOE mandarine. It goes great with jeans plus its unexpected, not very faked, and more versatile than one might think.
  13. I have the speedy, I get many compliments on the color and will actually wear the bag with most anything! I even found an Hermes pocket square for it that has some pink and purple along with the mandarin color to help tie things together if for some reason I wear any clothing in that color family. I also have a mandarin pochette, pocket agenda, and cles.....
  14. I have a speedy 30, dhanura, wallet and cles. They color goes with everything, IMO! And all my items look lighter than the pic above. =)
  15. I have four bags in the mandarin color. I love the color, and it seems to go well with about every color.