Calling all Epi leather lovers...

  1. I have recently purchased a black epi speedy 25. I thought this would be the perfect bag to add to my collection but I am not digging it. :worried: I have only carried it once (today); it just was not comfortable to carry. Does the epi leather soften? How long does it take? Do you think an epi 25 in black is a good choice or should I go for a different bag in black?

    Opinions please!
  2. Come on!!! No one can help?
  3. I bet the Speedy is beautiful :love: I'm not sure about the Epi leather, I loved the texture when I looked at the Speedy at LV a few months ago. I don't think you should go for a different black bag, because the shape of the Speedy is so classy, and I bet it looks so sophisticated in black :nuts: But, if you're not crazy about it, did you see the photos here of members who purchased the new Epi Passy? It's beautiful!
  4. I love the epi line and have been considering my first.

    I've tried on many (including the new passy pm and GM). I love the speedy in black--it's a great classic shape and I don't think that you can go wrong with that bag.

    I am debating between the black and red for myself....
  5. Oh, don't like it? I bought a black Epi speedy a couple of weeks ago but didn't take it out yet...waiting for nice weather...:biggrin:

    I think black is the best color since the shape of the bag is so classic. I would not buy a classic bag in a "screaming" color...I'll leave that to all the trendy bags. But that is just my opinion.

    I am not sure if the leather will soften...I hope not because that would mean more SAGGINESS, which I hate (that's why I skipped the canvas ones and went straight for the Epi).

    Please try using your speedy a little longer. I mean, I wouldn't do that if you bought it at a LV boutique because they wouldn't let you exchange it then. But if you bought it elsewhere and their return policy is flexible, then try using it a little longer. My most favorite bags are the ones that I hated at first!

    Give it a try. This bag will still be in style in 10-20 years and more!

    I personally love it! :love:
  6. I too have been debating between the black and the myrtle.

    Becca4277 - What do you mean it's not comfortable to carry? Is it heavy or does it have too structured a feel? Does it sag at all?

    I have been eyeing the epi speedy for a while now, drooling over photos online but I have not gone into the store yet to get a good like and try it.
  7. I know exactly what you mean, but give it time- I have a black epi speedy and putting cardboard in the bottom really helped, just so I could find things. It's not entirely comfortable to carry if you're going grocery shopping or have to carry a lot of stuff in your hands (especially if you live in NYC as I do) so it's definitely a bag that I use in non-errand running situations only. I think it takes quite awhile before the epi leather softens, but I didn't find that to be a hindrance at all; if anything, I'm glad mine won't sag like the mono canvas speedies do. Plus, it's reinforced and that's a plus. I don't think a different handheld bag in black would be useful. I saw the Passy and the deauville someone on the forum has in epi and those are just variations on the same theme (depending on whether you get the handheld passy or not, of course). The epi speedy was my first handheld, so that alone took some getting used to. It's not an intuitive bag, but it's definitely a classic. You have to watch what you're doing when you carry it, to avoid scratches, and it can definitely get in the way, but I like not having to deal with straps and a bulky winter coat, too.

    I also think if I drove regularly, instead of walking all over the city like I do, I'd be able to better use the speedy. I do love it, though. It's just a very classy bag, but one that takes some getting used to, at least in my case.
  8. I know what you mean. That's how I felt when I tried on the epi speedy 25 (in black as well!). The handles are a bit too hard and uncomfortable. Have you tried on the Black Epi Jasmin? It's gorgeous and the handles are longer and more comfortable.
  9. I love the Jasmine, wish they have the black one on ELUX...
  10. I Do Believe The Jasmin Is A Little Softer. The Black Epi Is A Beautiful Bag...But, Of Course, You Have To Be Happy With It.
  11. Thanks you for the feedback! ;) Bluekit was right on the money when she said the handles were a bit uncomfortable. I have a mono speedy 30 and is just seems like that bag is a bit easier to carry.

    I do need to give it more time; I do like the look of the bag. I guess I just needed the reasurance that the look is classic. It snowed here this morning :huh: so I will use the bag again today to try to break it in; that is the nice thing about th epi leather, I am not so scared to take it out when the weather is not great. I got stuck in the pouring rain last weekend with my new Batignolles V. and I was hiding it under my jacket so not to get it wet. It was a site to be seen!!

    Thanks again!
  12. I have an Epi Speedy 30, which I've had for a couple of months, and Love it.
    Sure its a little stiff, but it is so Classic and makes me feel so classy.
    I plan on using it as my bag to go out and on the weekends, as I have a damier alma I just picked up for daily use.
    Believe me you will enjoy this bag the more you use it. All the comments I've received have been-"wow thats a fine bag!" and they don't even know its an LV .
  13. LABAG, how do you think the Alma will work out for daily use? I love the Alma and have been considering getting one. It is certainly quite roomy. I did find that it's a little harder to slip your wrist through and carry in the crook of your arm -- I carry my hand-held bags that way quite frequently, when I need both hands to carry something, for eexample. But the Alma is much easier to get into, with its nice wide opening, as opposed to the Speedy 25, which I find a little awkward to stick your hand in, with its narrow opening.
  14. Is the epi leather easy to scratch? I thought that it would be very durable since it feels stiff and has those ridges.

    I think all handheld bags are a pain when you are out and about. I have an ellipse and do not take it with me when running errands. I hang it over my arm and when the bag is full it gets heavy and my arms starts to ache!

    Does anyone know if the Alma or Jasmine would be easier to carrier than the ellipse or the speedy?
  15. The most current Epi Speedys are softer, aren't they? I think the older ones are more rigid.