calling all entrepreneurs, idea for store!

  1. I really think someone should open a store for used b bags. I think it would do really well in a metropolitan area! I know there's eBay, but there is definitely something about seeing, touching, holding that bag first!
  2. Great Idea!!!
  3. Love it!!
  4. I agree, I would love to touch and see one before purchasing :yes:
  5. This is something I have thought about! and would love to do but where would you get Bbags cheap enough to to make money? you would need a lot of them
  6. Doesn't seem realistic to ONLY sell bbags...but sounds like heaven to me. ;)
  7. i often went to used handbags store in my city and it is like heaven, but i would prefer a stoer with varieties, not b bags only.
  8. Real Deal Collection (corey) has done this! Check out her site:

    Real Deal Collection

    I have bought/traded with her twice, and she is fantastic to deal with. :yes:
  9. it sounds like a great idea but i think it's too close to a consignment shop right..i mean alot of people have been able to find bbags second hand through consignment stores.
  10. i think one thing about balenciagas... unlike many other bags, is that u really need to see it and touch it IRL... then u're going to fall in LOVE..!! other bags IMO, like coach and lv, don't seem to make that much of a defference IRL or just looking at pictures. but a bbag... SIGH...:girlsigh:

    it's a good marketing point... except i've no idea how that could be taken advantage of... :shrugs:
  11. btw... i'm VERY interested in the idea... especially since i'm in vancouver and there's a high demand for designer bags, but not enough supply.

    i think it would be a good investment to look into...

    would love to hear what y'all think! :flowers:

    good idea abitobling!
  12. Hi everyone, I am pretty sure Cracker is opening up an online new & used Bbag store. You should PM her about it...I believe her website will be:

  13. NICE...!!! :nuts:
  14. ^ Thanks, 'C' luvmygirls0 :flowers: it was my pleasure to help you find B-Bags that work for you.
  15. Yes, i'm still hopin there is more stores here locally that has more variety of bbags as it's hard to find rare bbags besides tryin our luck on eBay. But nowadays, eBay has too many scammers, quite frustrating.....a bit disappointed. However, wat to do as this is the only site we know so far.....besides like yahoo auctions also quite limited (and usually they sell by own locations not internationally seen).

    If only there are some innovative pple come out with some great sites, besides able to feel the real stuffs like a one-stop will be fantastic....:smile: