Calling All Enablers...

  1. Last week, I went to the boutique to talk myself out of the denim stripe satchel. Okay, it's in a box in my living room. Have to keep it. Now, I'm trying to talk myself out of a parchment medium Carly. I really don't need to spend the $$, but it's so pretty! Plus, I'm going to want the lion and the frog - I asked if I could order them on the PCE and was told no. I was also told I couldn't exchange for them later, but if I bought the turtle now, couldn't I exchange it for the lion or frog later on?
  2. Get it! get it!
    i have the large parchment and i love it!
    the color is so freakin awesome.

    you need it, really you do. it's a color we all need.

    how's that for enabling? lol

    i think you should be able to exchange after the pce. i had the same question. this has been addressed in the pce thread.
  3. LOL, now that's what I call enabling!
  4. Ohhh!! This is the bag I'm debating over as well!! I am thinking that the Medium Carly in Parchment would be the perfect summer bag!! :tup:

    (Throw in those shoes that PyAri just got, and I would be set!!) ;)
  5. I would get the bag because you'll kick yourself later. The only problem with spending all your purse money now is that it hinders the 4th of July sale shopping. BUT if you get the bag now, don't use it, and find something better at the outlets sale then you can returne it.
  6. Oh heck! Get it! Cant have too many Carlys......see:wlae:
    Ebay Pics 257.jpg Ebay Pics 317.jpg Ebay Pics 274.jpg
  7. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. LOVE IT! It is so simple, classic and cute! I have the medium one so it looks so cute with any outfits.
  9. I have the smaller carly in parchment. I didn't get it at first but when I saw it gone from the website I went into panic mode and found a store that would ship. It's such a pretty color. I love it. Esp. the blue lining.
  10. I'd go for it, the parchment is stunning.
  11. :dothewave:BUY IT:dothewave:
  12. I do love the lining on's a beautiful bag. If you love it and you think you'll continue to love it for a long time, get it. if you think it's just a crush, then hold out.