Calling all empreinte owners, especially cles

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  1. Hi there, was just wondering if owners of the empreinte leather could shed some light on this for me. Considering that you have that leather, what is your opinion on the leather embossing particular on the areas that fold and is it meant to be lighter embossing?

    I've been looking at purchasing the key pouch and have noticed that the edges in particular where the wallet folds, the embossing is fainter compared to the rest of the wallet? Is that normal because the leather had to stretch to fold over? I have seen a lot where the embossing is dark and fine til you get to the edges of the wallet, particular the bottom and top and it's much fainter. If this is normal then at least I can buy and have confidence, else I should wait to get a proper one.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. I have posted this in the club also with no luck.

    Also how do you find the empreinte leather? Does it hold up well after years of months of use? Would you recommend it? Any problems especially with scratches, stains or glazing?

    Thanks so much everyone.
    Happy Friday!
  2. My cles' empreinte does get more faint towards the top. I find my cles to be indestrucible. I use it as my everyday wallet and I'm constantly putting it in and out of uniform pockets and no issues at all :heart:
  3. I love Empreinte. I have 4 items, embossing varies on all. 2 very deep embossing, St Germain PM and Twinset/Twice. Lighter on Citadine PM and Cles.

    Citadine PM was my first item, eyed Lumineuse PM but it didn't suit me. I've changed the shoulder straps of the Citadine PM twice and the last change solved the glazing issue. Both changes were complimentary. It's 6 years old and embossing has lighten but I love that it's now discreet.

    Love love love the Cles, it's my daily wallet. After downsizing from Zippy to Compact Curieuese, Cles is the perfect one. Yes, exhilarating to minimize and downsize. Noticed the zipper pull has some fraying but no big deal, they are meant to be used.

    Empreinte is tougher than you think. A deep scratch from my nails on the Twinset/Twice but just rub it with fingers and it goes off.

    I hope this helps and once you are bitten by Empreinte, you will never look at other materials. Just my two cents...
  4. Do you put coins in yours? I recently sold my full size wallet to use my Empreinte cles as a wallet but having coins in the zipper pocket is driving me nuts. In fact, it's making the item unenjoyable for me. I'm considering either buying a canvas cles for coins (though having to take out two items is annoying at a checkout) or even going back to a full size wallet.

    NVIE--- I'd like to pose the same question to you regarding coins....
  5. Love my empriente artsy
    So pretty and soft
    Embossing smooths out in some places eventually and since mines a dark color in some places it rubs white in corners where it is used constantly. Kinda normal wear and tear on all empriente items I think.
    Still beautiful and worth owning a piece or two in empriente

  6. Using it solely for coins, the zipped pocket is tight. I don't keep lots of coins in there. Easier to take out coins from the main compartment.
  7. That's great to know. Thanks for the info
  8. Thanks Nvie! What colour twice do you have? I'm thinking about getting the denim cles, but have been concerned about the embossing, so wanted to ask others who have it.
  9. Citadine PM - Aubergine
    St. Germain PM - Noir
    Twice - Cherry
    Compact Curieuse - Cherry
    Cles - Grape

    Oops that's 5 items.

    Love the Denim and Poppy, I'm just concern that they are a bit too light. Dark colours would be good. Missed Iris. I hope LV comes out with more colours.
  10. Grape is gorgeous! It's sold out in my country.
  11. Oh wow, you're only putting coins in it? I have about 8-10 cards and some cash I have to carry too.
  12. My empriente cles also is fainter at the top where it bends. I'm going to assume it's because it's stretched (never paid much attention until you brought it up). I've had my cles for about 1 1/2 and it still looks great. No glazing issues and very durable. My Montaigne is the same way. I personally think it's a great leather.
  13. Oh good. I'm glad you agreed with me. That was my thinking when I saw them in store, but I searched everywhere and couldn't fine a thread on it, so wasn't sure if it was normal or not. I've had a look in the club house and a lot of the pictures look fine, and not faint at all, so I thought,.... Hmmm,.... Maybe the ones I've seen were good and I should wait. Thanks for clarifying thou.
  14. I love empreinte leather! It smells and feels good. I have 2 cles, ZCP, and a St Germain BB. They hold up well. I did notice fainter embossing on the cles' edges where it folds. I think it's normal where it sits and because it rubs, maybe.
  15. Ah ok. Thanks for verifying what I thought.