Calling all ebay experts...Advice please, please, PLEASE!!

  1. I will try to give the condensed version...

    I bought an item described as brand new, it is new tag still attached, however it has some defects. I believe they are manufacturer defects, not something caused by wear, nonetheless, not a perfect item. Contacted seller, sent pics, seller acknowledged but said they didn't see the defects before shipping. I am willing to give the benefit because some people don't inspect items as thoroughly as I do and I don't want to be accusatory. This is a high end designer item, over a couple thousand dollars, thus the more thorough inspection. I explained that if the defect were pictured or disclosed, I would not have bid on the item.

    Anyway, seller agrees to take the item back and issue a refund, BUT does not want to credit the shipping. Not surprised.:hysteric: Well, I want the shipping back, I'm paying to send the item back, which upsets me enough, I want the shipping fee charged to send it to me credited! I really do not want to take no for an answer, it's the principle. I know the shipping amount is small compared to the price of the item, some may say "let it go", but I am out money having to ship it back because the seller did not inspect and disclose the item accurately and entirely. I don't deserve nor want to be out double that.

    I have the item and plan to send back right away with insurance and sig. confirmation. Does eBay require it be a specific address when sending back to seller for me to be protected under their buyer protection policy?

    Should I wait and see what seller refunds first?

    Should I file a SNAD claim now? A fear I have is the possibility of seller saying item was fine when they sent it if I push to get the shipping credited.

    Can I file a SNAD claim after seller refunds partially to get the shipping charge credited as well?

    I paid with CC. Should I contact CC company?

    What is the right way to handle this? I don't want to jump the gun on anything. BUT, I want to protect myself. Don't want to screw myself on an eBay technicality.:rolleyes:

    Thank you ladies for any help you can give me. :tender:
  2. I'm not exactly familiar with this type of thing BUT, I'd say let the first shipping charge go. She's taking the bag back, which is good but the shipping money would come out of the refund since it was shipped the first time. However, you're sending it back again so I think in this case she should refund you for that.

    But it might help if you take pics of the bag before you send it back just to have proof of how it looked as it left your hands so she can't try to fix them up and say the bag was perfect.

    I think I kind of confused myself more, sorry if I wasn't much help. :shame:
  3. Oh you bet I will take alot of pics of the bag before I send it.

    As far as shipping, eBay doesn't reimburse a buyer shipping an item back to a seller. That I'm out.....fine. However, why should I not get my shipping charge credited back to me for an item that is defective? Something that if I knew was defective, I would have never bought. :shrugs:
  4. I may be misunderstanding the part of your post "Should I wait and see what the seller refunds first?" I am taking it as you not sending the item back to see what the seller will refund you. ??? If I am interpreting what you asked correctly, the seller is not going to refund you anything until they have the item back. As for your shipping, I would say let it go. The way I look at it is that the seller did ship you the item and it did cost him or her money to do so. I do understand your frustration, but it is pretty standard for a seller to not refund shipping fees, and most buyers are either fine with it or choose not to pursue it.

    However... I will tell you that if you dispute it through PayPal and it gets escalated to a claim, they will probably side with you even if the seller's listing states that they do not refund shipping fees. Apparently they have their own guidelines and what the listing states does not matter. I do not agree with this, but I recently lost a PayPal dispute to a buyer who went round and round with me about getting his shipping fees refunded. Anyway, if you feel that strongly about getting your shipping refunded, file the claim. PayPal will probably decide in your favor. You will be sent the address to send the item back to by PayPal and they will want you to provide a tracking# within a certain period of time. PayPal will then freeze that portion of the sellers PayPal balance and you will be refunded once the seller acknowledges that they received the item back in the same condition it was sent in.

    If you opt to contact your credit card company, the bag needs to have been sent back to the seller for them to do anything. Your credit card company may issue a provisional credit for what you paid, but the seller has 30 days to dispute your claim. Depending on the outcome, your credit card company can take the credit away from you.
  5. ^^^This is the thing, there is nothing mentioned about refunds in the listing. Does this help me?

    I do feel strongly about the shipping. I'm tired of things on ebay being misrepresented. I don't want to eat it this time. It's bad enough I have to pay to send it back, but the item is defective and should not have been shipped in the first place. Mind you, something that the seller should have seen if they looked closely at the item.

    So.... should I not send it back or go thru paypal?

    Right now I am emailing back and forth with the intentions of sending the item back tomorrow or Sat. hoping the seller will ultimately agree to a full refund including the shipping. This is their mistake, not mine. The seller will refund the item when they receive it back from me in same condition, but I want them to commit to the shipping as well. Why can't the seller take this as a lesson, eat the shipping, but look at items closer in the future and not make the same mistake.?

    I'm confused on what is best to do.
  6. If you feel that strongly about the shipping file your PayPal dispute first. What will happen is PayPal will email the seller and her or she will have the opportunity to try to reach an agreement with you for a refund. If the seller still refuses to refund the shipping and you don't agree to eat your shipping cost, the seller will then probably escalate the claim so that PayPal actually decides if the they will have to refund your shipping. Once PayPal reaches a decision they will instruct you how and when to send the item back to the seller. They will want you to provide them the tracking# and they will track the shipment. Once they know it was delivered to the seller, they contact the seller to make sure the item came back in good condition. Then you get your refund for whatever the outcome of the claim is, and PayPal automatically issues it from the seller's account. So, in a nutshell, don't send it back until PayPal tells you to. (if you file the claim) Hope this helps! :smile:
  7. Wow!..........I'm not sure I want to put the decision of how much I get back into paypal's hands. Or wait for how long that might take.

    What if I send the item back and then if I am not refunded the full amount... Can I then contact my CC company and request a chargeback even if it's just for the shipping?
  8. I hear ya. It's frustrating for both parties.... I am a seller and it sucks to be out the money you spent to ship the item, but I understand where you are coming from because you have to pay to ship the item back. The seller should have alerted you to the defects on the bag, or even better... put it on the listing! If they were that obvious, I would imagine they knew the bag had some issues.

    Good luck with your PayPal dispute,

    Vicki :smile:

    Oh, and the seller not having a refund policy on their listing probably won't make a difference... I did have a return policy and the buyer didn't follow it and I still lost the PayPal dispute he filed because he wanted his shipping refunded too. I still believe that he was wrong for not contacting me within my return period, but PayPal told me "they don't go by what is on the listing". I guess they have their own rules... Who knows?
  9. PayPal disputes can take awhile. They will tell you 30 days... Mine took about 2 weeks until PayPal reached a decision. Then the buyer had 10 days to provide them the tracking# that he sent the item back to me.
    So, it can take awhile.

    If you try to go the credit card route, I would call your credit card company first before you send anything back and ask them what your recourse is. All credit card companies have different rules. I bought what I thought was a real Coach bag from this website and it turned out to be a really bad fake and disputed it through my bank. (I was dumb and used my debit card) My bank credited my account right away, but sent me a letter that the merchant had either 30 or 60 days dispute my claim. Needless to say, he never fought it and my money stayed in my account. He was a scammer and he knew it.
  10. Thanks Vicki for the input!

    It is frustrating. I am a seller as well and the thing is I look at my items very closely also as a seller to avoid a situation like this. Maybe not in this case, but I believe alot of sellers act as though they don't notice things hoping a buyer won't make an issue of it when they do. Alot of buyers don't, I have had my share of letting things go and I just don't wanna do it anymore! lol!!!

    So....If I send the bag back, am I then not able to open a dispute or claim if we can't come to an agreement?

  11. Correct, it would be difficult. I would follow skigirl73 method, if you feel you are going to have to go that route anyways.
  12. I would get my shipping back. in fact i wouldn't pay to ship it back to the seller she would have to credit the return shipping back to me if it was the sellers mistake. if you paid through paypal and you open a dispute they will return your shipping but if you paid directly through your credit card through another outside source return item and do a chargeback. i always want my shipping back and i dont care if it sounds cheap or how miniscule the charges were i refuse to loose money for someone elses mistake(this also goes for department stores). oh yea when you return it make sure you return it to the address linked to their paypal account and get signatuire confirmation
  13. I would actually suggest that you email her and say that you are going to file through Paypal as this will protect both you and her.

    I think I understood correctly that you don't want to return the bag until you have received your refund - but on the other hand she is not going to refund you until she has the bag. You probably don't want to send this back incase you don't get your money.

    Therefore, the best way is to claim through Paypal. This way, not only will you get your original shipping cost back, but you are both protected (as long as you return the bag in a way that she will have to sign for it).

    I don't know any seller that will cover the return shipping cost!
  14. This is a very expensive bag. I wouldn't jeopardize the refund by arguing about the shipping.
  15. You're welcome! It would be more difficult if you send the bag back first. Once you open the PayPal claim the seller still has the opportunity to come to an acceptable agreement with you prior to the claim being escalated for PayPal to resolve.