Calling all east/west zippy bouler owners....

  1. How much do you love or not love your bouler?? I finally found one that I like at a great price, but before I take the plunge I want to know how you feel about yours:yes: .....
  2. I have always loved the way the bag looks but struggled with how shallow it is. The pocket on the bottom although cute also seems quite impractical.
  3. ^This is true. I would probably use the bottom to store things that I don't need continuously like lotion, gum.
    But the shallowness at the top makes me wonder if I can fit my medium Lv agenda, along with my other items.
    However, the shape of the bag is so appealing to me:wondering
  4. I LOVE the zippy bouler but I only have the large ones, (17x10) so I can't really comment on the medium sized ones. :graucho: The large are GORGEOUS! In fact I have Roz from eBay (roz77772002) searching for one now in the "canelle" color! It was on for the LONGEST time and I just let it sit there! :cursing: I have the large zippy in black, chocolate, ivory, jaune (yellow), whiskey, taupe, gazelle, tan, and dark gray. :nuts: It's a wonderful bag and I recommend it highly!!:wlae: I found one in mousse, but didn't buy it, because it turned out to be the medium size. :shrugs: (I'd love it in that color as well!) :jammin:
  5. THANKS... The one I'm interested in is dark grey and large as well. I'm a big bag type of girl;). Do you find it room and easy to tote around ?
  6. Very roomy! The large zippy can go over your shoulder pretty easily, unless you have a bulky coat on. :yes: I keep my gloves in the lower compartment, and everything else "topside." The dark grey is almost black, (they called it "noir") and it can go with everything! (They have the black on, if you want a black one...) :graucho: It's a very cool bag! :wlae:
  7. Is it this bag you are meaning?

    Thank You
  8. Sorry it didnt attach the pic. Duh!
    east west.jpg
  9. I have one. I think it's a beautiful style, but the top section is a bit shallow and the bottom zipper part can be hard to deal with.
  10. Yes thats the one:yes:
    Thanks for the help everybody;)
  11. That's the ONE! I have this exact's the taupe from NAP! It's gorgeous!!! :yahoo:
  12. Hi Beanie

    That is the type of colour I am looking for.

    Could you give me some idea of the size of the very bottom compartment. I am specifically looking at this bag due to that bottom part. I have medical stuff I have to carry round with me, which for several reasons I need to keep separate from the main contents of my bag. This style to me is ideal, plus I love the shape.

    I would go for the large one, but, as I haven't seen one in real life, I am concerned obviously it wouldn't suit what I need it for.

    Hope that makes sense.
  13. Hi Ali! As much as I love my Gris-Vert large east west, I have found that it is the least practical of all my Paddingtons. The fact that it's heavy doesn't bother me as much as the interior space on the bag. I hate that it's divided into two because of the bottom zipper and I find the top compartment too shallow to stuff my things in. I normally don't close the zippers on my Paddies when I use them and just flip the lock over but realised that I can't do this on the east west because being that it's shallow, if I sit it down on a table with the zipper open, things start falling out.

    Oh and that bottom compartment? I put wipes and tissue packs in it but I feel it's such an impractical space in the bag.

    I'm keeping it though because I am in love with the shape and the look of it and will just use it when I know I won't be doing much walking (which is when the bag tends to weigh me down).
  14. The bottom compartment would be fine to separate items that you don't want to carry in the larger compartment. But it IS a big bag, (17x10) so you should be SURE that you like that size. It can be carried over the shoulder if you don't have too many layers on. (Probably not over a winter coat!) But I love this bag and if you want a paddy that is more sporty and more for daytime...this is it! It would be helpful if you tried out the size though, (maybe with another bag the SAME dimensions?) to get a FEEL for how large it is...GOOD LUCK! I can't believe the taupe is still on NAP, (the UK site, not the US one though...) The leather is gorgeous!:jammin:
  15. Hey Eucalyptic, Thanks for the info. After reading your post it reminded me of the paddy shopper that I took back because of the shallowness and the fact that it did not close up top:sad:. I love love love the shape of the large east west, but wonder if it's worth the money if I'm not going to get much use out of it:confused1: Maybe I can use it on days when I'm going to lunch with friends and have no kids to tote around :shrugs:.