Calling all Dr's!!! ADVICE NEEDED

  1. Ok so last week I came to you all looking for some dental help re: my tooth. That is better, but now I have a question to ask any of the MD's/Dr's out there.

    I have had a cold/sinus infection from hell for about 2 weeks now. A week and a half ago Wednesday I went to the Dr and they told me I have a sinus infection and put me on Amoxicillin (875 mg 2x Day). I was feeling better until yesterday. The sinus pressure built back up on one side of my face- it hurts to touch my eye on that side or even talk because the sinuses by my jaw are killing me. It hurts so bad to touch the cheekbone.

    The other side of my face/sinuses is fine... but this one side is killing me. And now my ear hurts too.

    If I do not feel better I plan on going to the Dr Monday, but I wanted to jumpstart all of this and ask any of you what you think or what can help.

    I've been taking some Dimetapp today for a decongestant and taking hot showers or placing hot towels on my face.

    Ahhhh, please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :hysteric: :shrugs:
  2. Aww man! Amox isn't nearly hardcore enough for my Sinus Infections. . . I always ask for Z-Packs/Zithromax:yes:
    Try ibuprofen for the swelling and a combo pseudoephedrine/antihistmine. . . . I'd call after hours and ask them to call in Z-Pack, if your ear is bothering you that's pretty hard to ignore.
    I'm sorry Megs. . . can't you catch a freakin' break?
  3. Hey Megs,

    Talked with a family member who is a MD (since I am just a lowly PhD) who said it is possible you have developed a secondary infection and like Swank said, you need a more aggressive antibiotic, such as a Z pack or there is a new one which I cannot recall but it starts with a "C". Do you have any of those walk in non emergency clinics where you are? If not, I would call your doc and tell him/her that this is not cutting it and you need something else ASAP. Don't wait until Monday.
  4. I had a sinus infection about 2 years ago that I let go and it developed into a full respiratory tract infection...they tried 3 different antibiotics and finally only an anti-pneumonia drug helped. Long story short- get antibiotics as soon as possible or it'll only get worse...
  5. Sounds like you do indeed need another antibiotic. Zpak is a great option, as is Cipro or Levaquin.

    I would continue using the warm compresses and hot showers. Sometimes a steamer of some sort will help. The ibuprofen/anti-inflammatory suggestion is great, if you want a brand that contains that and Sudafed, try Aleve Cold. I prefer that brand because it's every 8 hours instead of every 4 to 6 hours. Note, all items containing sudafed are now located behind the pharmacy counter so you need to ask for it.

    And don't forget, drink plenty of water! This will help keep the mucus liquidy and not dried out and heavy.

    You can also use warm salt water to rinse your sinuses out. You can get a teapot shaped thing at Whole foods that will help rinse your nose out. This always helps me feel better when I'm too stuffy.

    Feel better soon!!
  6. Thanks everyone! I am going to get to bed soon tonight and hope it is feeling better in the am... my immune system has not be liking me lately at all.

    I have bad asthma and so far it is not being affected, but I hope it does not move down to my lungs.. and I'm hoping I don't need to go to an ENT or get a CT of my sinuses... I did that when I was younger...

    But again, thank you all so much- I am going to take some IB tonight and hop into bed (which is where I am already) and hope tomorrow is nicer to me.
  7. {{{Megs}}}
  8. Thanks Swank :heart:

    I must have done something to my immune system to piss it off... and even worse- Vlad is in Germany so I have no one to whine to or take care of me! I enjoy whining and having Vlad wait on me. He really is a great care taker!
  9. Oh poor Megs! I hope you feel better! Sorry I can't give you any advice. I also suffer from Sinus but not to that extent!
  10. So he is hot, a freekin genius, and a great care taker? Damn. Just damn. ;)
  11. Megs, I know how you feel. The pressure from mine is from a cyst that has formed in my sinus cavity. You could have the same problem. They located mine during a cat scan I was having for an unrelated problem.
  12. HAHAHA ^ Yes he is quite a catch :graucho:

    He made me HOMEMADE chicken soup last week... I directed him how to do it all, but he let me rest in bed and he made it. He even got an entire chicken, boiled it, and then took all the chicken off the bones and cut it up and put it in the soup. He is really great about taking care of me... hence he needs to come back from Germany ASAP!!!
  13. Allison- I am going to try to hold out till Monday to go to the Dr. I am guessing they may have me see a specialist or get a CT. I am hoping nothing shows, but I just have a kind of bad feeling about this. It is really hurting so bad. :sad:
  14. I hope you get in Monday. If they tell you they have no openings tell them to work you in. Don't take no for an answer. We are all rooting for you!!
  15. I hope you feel better Megs! Sinus infections suck! I had a terrible one a few years ago and was put on antibiotics for 3 weeks. No joke. I am with Swanky and Irishgal though, you need some stronger meds to get rid of it! Good luck though, and keep us posted! Sending you big hugs!