Calling all domestic goddesses - vacuum help

  1. Do any of you have a Miele vacuum cleaner with the Hepa filter? Is it worth the extra money for the filter? Just bought a Solaris model...not sure whether to get Hepa filter.
  2. it's worth it to get the filter if you have small children, are allergy prone, or have pets to clean up after. carpet is a haven for microbes, allergens, and microscopic bugs, but a good vac w/ a hepa filter will take that stuff out of the carpet and hold it in the vaccuum so you can dispose of it instead of putting it back in to the air that it expels. i sell vaccuums (among other appliances) and i would very much recommend the filter.
  3. I agree with Amanda. It's a small price to pay if you are allergy-prone. It doesn't necessarily eliminate everything, but if you're an allergy-sufferer like me, any little bit helps.
  4. Agree. We have a Miehle with the filter. You will love it.