Calling all Dentists or Oral H!!

  1. I need some help!! The gums around one of my upper molar's (4th from the middle- ha) is really inflamed and red. It hurts pretty bad- but it is the gums, not the tooth?! I have never had a cavity and just had a check in September... so I am thinking I irritated the gum somehow. What can I do to help?? Any advice? :confused1:
  2. I'm shameless bumping for my swollen gums!!!!!! :shame:
  3. Megs, there was a gal who joined last night and posted that she was a dentist...I will go try to find her post...
  4. Haha thanks!! I am pathetic... but it really hurts :hysteric:
  5. Dang, I found her, member drchris, but she is not online. Maybe someone else knows a DDS? Help our Megs!!
  6. That happens to me once in a while. . . . usually when I eat chips or something.
    Anything in the mouth like that is SO distracting :sad:
    Sorry Megs, you've had a LONG week {{{hugs}}}
  7. Thanks so much Irishgal!! I'll keep checking it... I was thinking it may be related to my sinus infection too- my mouth may be more susceptible to inflamation when I am sick :shrugs:
  8. Have you been eating popcorn? I got worried when my tooth was bothering me. It was just a husk caught in the gum.
  9. Swanky- you are so right! Anything in your mouth will automatically make your tongue sit on it all day, which on makes it worse. BOO! This week could have been better... ha
  10. I want to say rinse with hot salt water but I am not sure why.:noggin:

    I agree with Swanky, I have had this happen before and it hurts way more than you think an irritated gum should hurt, so I always think it is something bigger. It tends to go away after a day or two.
  11. No popcorn in a long time... I don't think. I flossed gently to see if I could get anything out... nada. I have been using some mouth wash and swashing around warm salt water to help- and it feels nice right then, but after it goes back to hurting. Maybe in the morning it will feel better
  12. Sometimes when my gums are sore (when I had caps put on) I would rinse with hydrogen peroxide, and it really helped. My dentist said it would help, and told me why, but I can't remember exactly what he said the reason was. I also use it occasionally after brushing.
  13. Swish warm salt water in your mouth several times a day. If there is an infection, the salt will kill it, and the warm water will help it feel better.
  14. Irishgal- we are on the same page! I did rinse with warm salt water... I am thinking I will go do that again. It soothed it a bit.

    I am probably being a big baby. I just have this awful sinus infection I caught after taking care of sick Vlad all week, and before that he got a concussion?!?! Its been loooong
  15. :lol:Haa haa! We al posted almost the same thing at the same time!